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It's been 2 years!

It's been two years but it is pointless to go back in time to talk about things that have happened since then. I want to talk about today. 

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Remembering Mr. Robin Williams.

This week, a significant influence in my life has passed away. I have never met him but he has been a constant companion for years.

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no rain, no water, no plane

When one does something often, one will get into the habit and it comes naturally. I have not posted for ages and cranking it to begin seemed so difficult. I have lost count how many times I open this page, begin to write then suddenly, thoughts fail me.

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To run and leap!

Sally used to run in the fields. She will run so fast, her long hair catches the wind and they will wave like soft ribbons, trailing behind her. The field is sometimes littered with stones and rocks. With the agility of a gazelle, she will leap over them with ease. 

Sally grew but her abandonment to run like the summer breeze never left her. Then, one day, she felt some twitches in her legs when she ran. Still that did not stop her. She continued to run. The exhilaration and the adrenaline rush from it filled her entire being, and sometimes it did not feel as if her legs are touching the ground.

Then, it began to get worse,

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Beauty and her pups

This is the 1st picture I took of Beauty and her pups.

I think Beauty chose our house for a specific reason. She must have known that it is a safe haven for her and her pups. She must have known that we will help take care of them. But for whatever the reason, I feel responsible because she chose us. 

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