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Birthdays have always been a huge feature in my family. Ever since I can remember, birthdays were celebrated. They were usually not celebrated in a big way, with big parties and such, but intimate, with family.
When I was younger, chicken was a treat and the youngest two of the family will get the chicken drumsticks. But if it's your birthday, you will get to choose the menu and a drumstick is yours.
I celebrated my 40-'blimp' birthday 2 days ago. Two years ago, my family forgot my birthday. So this year, not wanting to leave things to chance, I announced on Sunday NOT to forget my birthday on Wednesday. No, it's not the presents (though, I am not averse to receiving them) I will love a big hug, a kiss, a prayer and a wish of a very happy birthday.
Wednesday morning, 7am, husband leaves for work, gives me his customary kiss n bye. I thought to myself, 'HE FORGOT!'. Three minutes later, he came back upstairs, gave me another kiss and said, "Happy Birthday". 'HE REMEMBERED'
7.45am, the telephone rang. Thought to myself, ' Whoever you are, go away. It's raining outside. It feels really good to snuggle under my comforter and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain' The phone continued to ring. 'Ok, get up, stumble downstairs, pick up the phone'.
A voice came booming from the other end, "Oi, how come you did not switch on your handphone! I have been trying to call you since 6.45! Happy Birthday!!!" (Thought to myself, that's precisely why I did not switch on my phone!)
"What are you doing?", Jon asked.
"Are you awake now?"
"Well, I am NOW"
Several minutes later, after a lengthy conversation, "Ok, you can go back to sleep now"
Well, I did not. Alison woke up and gave me the requested items, hug, kiss and so on. David sent me an SMS wish later from college. (Therefore, I got all I wanted)
Later, I went to KLCC for a leisurely afternoon, after an errand elsewhere.
What did I buy? Perfume and underwear, two of the most basic necessities. Checked out Tower Records. Sat down at StarBucks and watched the world go by with a cup of coffee.
Later that evening, I had dinner with the most important people in my life, my husband and children.
So did I have a good birthday? YES, I did. It may not be exciting to some but for me, it was enough.
PS: Forgot to add that David gave me the most gorgeous little figurine that says, 'Still got all the moves'.
Alwin gave me the bestest siew pau from Seremban.

Of course, all those other hugs, kisses and birthday wishes and prayers and pre-birthday lunch and pots of plants and cards and books and DVDs (which I got 6 months ago)
So did I say I had a good birthday?........

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I'll be celebrating my birthday soon too.I know how you feel... for once why can't everyone just do something for you without you having to hint or even ask directly like, "Erm.... are you doing anything on Thursday?"and you get a " oh , I'm on for music, why?" :( or is it :) ???? Sigh..... maybe it's better to forget. That way ppl forget how old you are and you can continue telling them that you are ...well..only 28.... :)
October 26, 2004 | Unregistered Commentereelynn

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