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I had a complaint that I have been neglecting my blogging duties. I plead illness. I have been sick on and off for the past month. The cycle goes like this, sick - visit the doctor - medication - groggy/disorientation - but feeling better - finish medication - sick again. This went on for 4 cycles. At last I seemed to be on the mend but I have this cough that needs a little more pummeling. Last Saturday, during class, I coughed so much I thought I will see bits of my lungs on the floor. But thank God, things are getting better.
Today, my girl, Alison got baptised. Her grandparents (my Mum and Dad), uncles, aunt and cousins came in full force to witness the event. She requested her affirmation statement to be translated into Cantonese so that Grandma and Grandpa understood what was happening. Many of the people present have never heard her speak in Cantonese before thought it sounded funny and laughed. But she stuck through it. Later, I asked her if she minded the laughing and she said she did not as long as Grandma and Grandpa understood. I am SO proud of her. We also had a great time at dinner after that. It was at dinner when I was reminded of the many funny situations that my mum found herself in.
Mum have been driving for years but on one occasion, during one of our family gathering, she asked us what the 2 side mirrors are for and that she's never used it before in all her 30 odd years of driving. Dad looked at her incredulously and embarked into one of his looooooonng lectures. Several weeks after that, mum told us an incident that happened.
She was driving home one day. After that lecture, she began to use the side mirrors. She noticed this brown car behind her. Quite a few minutes and many kilometers after that, she still saw the car. She got a little worried. "This brown car is following me"
She turned into the apartment compound, glancing nervously at the side mirrors (her new skill) and saw that the brown car  was still behind her! She parked her car, quickly got out and slammed the door to make a quick dash for the lift back to her apartment. When she slammed the door, she realised that brown car was, in fact, Dad's car which SHE was driving. She forgot that she was driving Dad's car. Her car is white.
She, also, once drove all the way home from the market with her shopping on the top of the car. I was too young to remember that. My aunt related that incident to me.
Mum loves soap operas. There was this once, when I visited her, she answered the door with a bath towel draped over her shoulder.Her eyes and nose  were red and swollen from crying. Somehow, tissues were insufficient. We went for this movie called Kramer Vs Kramer once with my godmother. During commercials even before the movie began, Mum began crying. Godma, who was her best friend asked her why and she told us that the movie is going to be a sad one!
Tonight, at dinner, she told us how she once bought tubes upon tubes of toothpaste because they were giving away free cutlery with them. She, then, tried to give the toothpastes away. I can't understand the logic behind this. I mean, if she wants cutlery, why not just buy cutlery? But Mum is strange and eccentric. People say that we always 'become' our parents and I am wondering and hoping I don't become as strange and eccentric as her. Or have I?

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You mean actually got ppl who complained that you didn't update, ah?! Wah...

In any case, I've always viewed my blogging as more of a guilty pleasure than as a 'duty'...

And I think it's great that (almost) your whole family showed up for Ali's baptism
November 22, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJu
i-say-mdm, tak dah introduce yr mummy and daddy also ah. never mind lah, u look kinda busy making 'movie'. someone did turn around to me and ask why speak in cantonese. at least i knew ahead of time why lah. so after that, where go? must be somewhere to celebrate lah! hope you had a good time but more than just good, what a time to be a proud mummy. those of us behind literally have to get david to go up for the group photo. must be shy lah!
November 22, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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