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Gamer I am ......................NOT

I was first introduced to computer/electronic games when I got my 1st computer, way back in 1993. I remember playing Wolfenstien 3D one Chinese New Year till I puked, literally. I think it had something to do with my movements not being smooth. I spent hours on Alone in the Dark too and even finished the game, which was, to me an achievement then because I was, er, groping in the dark, being such a novice.
But my real game conversion was when Julian introduced me to the world of Nintendo. He will let me have a few rounds of MonkeyBall on the GameCube when I display my 'two-sen face'. (Ok, I lied. He is very nice to let me play even when I have my 'fifty-ringgit face'.) I enjoyed watching him tackle quite a few difficult games too. Well, difficult in my opinion but to anybody else, it's probably a walk in the park. But walking in the park is no longer easy or safe either. One can get mugged or molested or sometimes, there may be strange stumps or potholes that one can stumble over and hurt oneself but I have digressed.
Back to gaming,  my greatest moment was when Andrew, my husband bought me a GBA SP for my last birthday.  At last, my very own game console.  Wait a minute, we have to reverse a little................ before I got my SP, I used to play a few games on my Palm. Then for a period of time, Ju lent me his GBA. I could not find time to play in the day and hence there were times I would be 'excersising my fingers' into the wee hours of the morning. Andrew will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to see me still at it and will deliver a mini lecture. After a while, he has resigned to the fact that it's going to be a permanent feature. He will then sort of say, "don't stay up too late, dear" or something to that effect. So when he got me my SP, I think he must have been thinking that his wife is beyond redemption.
Now, one would think I would be semi-good at it by now but truth of the matter is, I still struggle. The last game I finished was Kirby, The Amazing Mirror. I think it falls into children game category but I struggled to finish it. I could never remember where I went and where I am supposed to go and hence went round and round. I would have fitted in very well with the Israelites when they were wondering around for 40 years after leaving Eygpt.
Once, in a Mario and Luigi game, I actually paid David to kill a boss for me. Then of course, I realised not too much later it was an easy kill. David once remarked, " Mummy, I really don't know how you manage to finish your games!"
But I plod on, slowly but surely. I may not be the fastest or the best gamer  but I don't care. Being slow does not take away the joy of discovering new little secrets in a game. After being killed quite a few times does not deter me from trying again.
I think you true gamers out there will think it's a sin to actually read and refer to walkthroughs but I shall continue to indulge in this sin; only when I am stuck.
People sometimes ask me, "Who's GameBoy is this? Your kids?" When they find out that it's mine, they will give me a 'look'. Do I care? NO! I won't apologise for the fact that I enjoy my SP. One does not have to be young or a certain age to enjoy something. I think I will still being playing my SP when I reach 60 or perhaps by then I may own an even cooler console.......................

PS: I am at present 'hooked' on Zelda, The Minnish Cap. My 1st Zelda game but definately not my last.

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GAMER: One who enjoys playing videogames.

So the title of your post needs adjustment since you do admit to enjoying this undertaking which qualifies you as, by definition, a gamer :)

You're doing fine - ignore the funny looks and sideway glances of the misinformed masses. You've already discovered what a beautiful and involving artform videogaming can be, no? Good

And next time, before you go ahead and give David the job, check with me - I may be able to offer a better quote leh... :P
November 25, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJu
I did! Check with you, I mean. You refused to help me. You told me I have to kill my own bosses or else I will be in greater trouble on in subsequent levels. Which is quite rightly so. But then when one is desperate and have 'died' about a couple of thousand times for about a couple of days, the mind is irrational. :)
I've always thought a gamer is one who's really good at it. Perhaps, it' because they spent enough time at it and therefore WILL be good at it. However, not quite true for THIS gamer. WOW! THE title - A Gamer - ME! ???
November 26, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
Hmmm, you may have checked with me but you NEVER OFFERED ME MONEY... I would have remembered :P

Yup, money would have changed everything... 8)
November 26, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJu

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