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A Tale Was Told

Over the last weekend, A Christmas Tale was told to thousands. I am, indeed, proud to be part of the dynamic team to help with the production.  After months of preparation in various different department, curtain opened to a full house on Friday, 17 December 2004. For subsequent 2 nights, we played to full houses too.
All eleven members of the cast were beautifully and immaculately dressed and made up. "GLAMOUR!" They took to the stage like pros. Were they nervous? Of course they were, but this fact was only privy to the team because there was no hint whatsoever when they were on stage.

Preparation for the week began on Wednesday for me. The truss for lighting was erected in the morning. The lighting fellows came later to put up the lights. I must say, I have never seen so many lights in any productions I have been involved before. It was comparable to a rock concert set-up.  But I was most impressed with the 'moving heads'. They resemble something one would see in a sci-fi movie like I-Robot. They also give that distinctive whirling sound when they move which is so 'totally cool!'.

But of course, there were technical hiccups during set-up and even during the show itself. Not being a technical person, it felt all the more difficult to solve.  But to see so many people coming out in responce to Pastor's call to accept and dedicate themselves to Christ  made it all worthwhile.

I told somebody next time I will stick to dancing/choreography; something I know best. But after a good thinking through, i realised that it's a cop-out, a retreat. When I took the role of technical coordinator this time, I was moving out of my comfort zone, into unknown territory. Yes, feelings of inedequacy, 'blurness' swept by me quite often but I think I have learnt a lot from this experience.  I have learnt what 'gobos' are, how moving heads need to be set 'home' before it can move out. I have also learnt to set aside my own preference and accommodate others. I have learnt, in order to get my way; to satisfy my own artistic appetite, I may hurt others and the production as a whole and it's not worth it.

I think what one of my pastors said at the end of the final night is so right. The production was a success because of teamwork. The cast narrated, sang and danced their hearts out. The muscians were in tip-top condition. The video team was spot on. My brother-in-law thought they handled camera-work like TV crew. Congratulations, Edwin and team.  Those 'Countryman' mikes were so gorgeous.

The amazing thing about this whole production is, we did not have a single professional in the team. When I say professional, I mean one who is actually in that particular field. My spotlight boys only touched a spotlight for the 1st time in their lives on the day before actual curtain. 90% of the camera crew have never handled a video camera until about a month ago. How did we pull it off? I only have one answer - GOD. He is the reason behind the drive for excellence for this musical. And He is the Only One who could have pulled it off for us.

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