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Of poos, pukes and kids.

My nephews, Benjamin and Jason came to stay for a few days when their parents went to Penang. Ben is 10 and Jay is 7. This is the first time they were staying over. Many years ago, when Ben was about 4, we (his mum and I) psyched him up for a sleepover but it was a disaster because mum forgot his 'sayang pillow'. So this time, 'Tai Yee' (that's me), reminded mum not to forget essentials like that. Tai Yee means eldest aunt. So. on Sunday the boys came over, armed with Jason's 'sayang blanket'. Ben has already outgrown his 'sayang' stage, thank God. After the goodbyes, the boys settled down to enjoy Spykids 3D, complete with 3D glasses. When the movie ended we settled into a game of checkers, something which I had not played for years. Jason and I were having a terrific game when he suddenly made himself a 'king' twice over, meaning a double king which he claims can fly anywhere and 'eat' any pieces. I began to protest. I have never heard of such rules. Ben was rolling on the floor laughing wickedly. Then, I began to see light. Ben must have invented that rule to win some games with his brother. Poor Jay!

We went out for dinner later. When we got into the car, a whift of unpleasant smell hit my nose. I asked who farted. Now, under any circumstances, nobody will admit to farting, so there was a loud chorus of 'not me'. I then proceeded to make a general announcement that if there's any need to go to the toilet, just inform me etc, etc.

After dinner, when we got back into the car, I smelt it again. This time, it smelt distinctly dog poo-ish. SOMEBODY STEPPED ON DOG POO and it's now all over the car! Nobody moves!

We endured till we got home and everybody was subjected to footwear inspection. Needless to say, even Grissom of CSI will not find any trace of dog poo on any of the footwear because it was SMEARED ONTO THE FLOOR CARPET IN THE CAR! Jason somehow manage to find a huge pile of dog poo, stepped on it and transferred it into Tai Yee's car! 

Of course he did not do it intentionally but this boy has a knack of getting himself dirty all the time. If anybody steps into a muddy puddle, it will be Jason. At most mealtimes, he will be the one that needs most cleaning up after. There was once he had all his aunts and uncles laughing so much we had tears in our eyes with the way he ate spaghetti. He would slurp them strand by strand with it's long ended writhing about like a live electric cable, making messy splatters all over his face, clothes, table and anything within the sauce projectile. Mum was NOT amused :)

Anyway, back to poo business, I had to clean my car, in the middle of the night, in the rain. It really blasted me into reality of having younger kids at home. My own are already teenagers so I had forgotten.

L-R, Megan, Jason, Benjamin & Alison
L-R, Megan, Jason, Benjamin & Alison
Despite the poo incident, we had a great time together. And they are great boys, very different in character and fun.

I was also reminded of the time when Alison was younger, about 7. We went to Fraser's Hills. On the way up, she got sick in the car. We had to buy a change of clothes for her because it was only a day trip and we did not bring a spare. That T-shirt was called 'puke shirt' after that. I asked her why did she not ask her father to stop the car when she did not feel so good. With a typical 7 year old reply, she told us she did not know that was the feeling one has just before heaving but now she knows, she will inform us when that feeling comes around again.

Latest: less than half an hour ago, whilst I was hanging out the washing, the rubbish truck came by, squished a container full of rubbish juice that fell on the road and splattered 'fragrant' juice all over me and the washing. Now don't all of you clamour over each other to try and get ahead in line to be me!

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Hmm, missed this update completely... too far down the page and totally hidden. Should have been a fresh post. Nice cake, btw, looks yummy and probably cost a bomb!
December 15, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJu
Next time click on 'latest'. I am getting..........'a little better' at blogging. Now I know how to do this latest thingy. mmmmmmm, ask your wife what happened to the cake :p
December 15, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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