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December - A tale to be told

I began taking the whole month of December off  last year. I was a little apprehensive about it when it was first implemented, worried that students' grades may suffer after laying off for a whole month. But that did not happen. In fact, I just received this year's major examination results and all passed with Merits and Distinction.  This year, I looked forward to the break.

A whole month seemed to be long but days pass by so quickly and before I know it, a week is gone. The break gives me time to catch up on stuff that I always don't seem to find time to do. Today, I cleared up my plants, pulled weeds, added fertilizers and sprayed pesticides. Not that I don't do them the other 11 months of the year. But it's just that I have more time to do a thorough job.

I also find time to catch up on my movies and gaming. Bouncing a ball. I just finished Zelda, The Minish Cap which adds another feather to my gaming cap. To catch up with friends and loved ones. Ah yes, and the spring cleaning - all the accumulated junk from the whole year.

Most importantly, time to spend on the bi-annual Christmas production, A Christmas Tale.  I just came back from the absolute 3rd last rehearsal. Everything is there, meaning, it's not shabby but in the spirit of excellence and not wanting to offer a substandard gift to our God, we strive to improve. We began rehearsing way back......................oops, I have forgotten when we began but it was definitely longer than 3 months ago.

Working with this bunch of people have been fun and exciting. And this year's production is specially challenging for me because they have put me in charge of the technical team. I know next to nothing about the technical aspect but if the committee thinks I can do, then I can. Those 'look intelligent' moments were frequently used when there were technical discussions. But hey, I love a challenge. And there's always nice people around to haul me out of sticky mud whenever I am stuck. Thanks Alwin and Ju.

Next week's D-Day. The production will be at Flamingo Hotel from 17-19 December 2004. Am I excited? You bet I am. Excited and yet a little nervous whether the pre-planned light settings will work. Afterall, I have never done it before but I have always followed a rule, be it being lost somewhere in the heart of KL or interpretation of a certain choreography; follow my gut instinct.
It always helps if it's coupled with prayers.

See you there.

Reader Comments (3)

Here's a picture of you posing as Technical Coordinator:

So, is that one of your 'look intelligent" looks? :P Honestly, you're doing great, Katy... just remember to pray harder than usual, heh.

December 8, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJu
I beg to differ. This is NOT the 'look intelligent' look. This is casual,'waiting for Ju to click' look. When I look intelligent, I could fool the most diserned :P
December 9, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
I don't remember any other 'look'. You always looked so intelligent. Is it because you always knew what to do, or that you never knew what to do?!!
Hope the production is going well, I'll be thinking of you alot
lots of love to you
December 16, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterJulie

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