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Photos, photos, photos!

Is that all everybody wants these days? Pics, Pics and MORE Pics.  Well, first, I gotta figure out how to do it. Tried to copy and paste but it didn't work. Did I mention that my 'lightbulb' is not of a very high voltage? Somehow, it's bright enough for me to figure that although this page looks a lot like a word processor page, it's not one. Now I am going to try this   But this is not quite inserting pics. It's just creating a link. Frustrations! I know, I know , all these are boring to you. [After several enquiries, I finally found out how to be able to do so.........PAY Psychotic.. Should have known]
Let's talk about the pictures. They are all taken with my Palm Zire 71  They are not crystal clear but I think it's not bad for a device that's essentially NOT a camera. I can also take pictures with my Canon video camera but IMHO, it's worse than the ones taken with the Zire. So if you want pictures, these will have to suffice, till I get another better picture-taking toy. Perhaps I have not mentioned that my birthday is next month? (HINT! HINT!)
Birthdays come once a year but then again, so does everyday of our life.Worse, those comes once in a lifetime!  So, why do people stress on importance of birthdays? I can't figure that out and I AM one of those whom stresses on celebrating birthdays. No, I do not mean huge celebrations etc. Somehow, I tie the significance of remembering a birthday to how important one is to the 'rememberee' ( I know, there's no such word. So shoot me!) It's like, wow! she remembered my birthday. I am important enough for her to remember. The 'rememberee' probably has a software in her computer that records the birthdays of every person she's encountered in her life and it 'dings' the day before so that she has ample time to dig out the 'remembered' contact and be the 1st to wish him/her. So am I kidding myself? Of course I am but it feels good to live in a fantasy world.
The next few weeks will be madness for me. My students will be going for their examinations and the schedules are scattered over the span of 3 weeks. It is never easy to prepare them when they are so scattered. One can't work them as a team and with dance, it's always better to work as a team. In 2 weeks' time the Ad Deum Dance Company will be performing in Kuala Lumpur.  I will have the privilege to work with them as their concert coordinator. Then, there's Metro Tabernacle's Christmas production. But that will probably take a whole new post. 
Ok, time to get ready for classes.
PS: 2nd post 2 days after is not bad, not bad at all.

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you don't have to pay to put photos on this blog... it's built right in, just add a Picture Gallery module and start uploading... your Flickr is coming along nicely..
September 3, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterjulian

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