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Enid Blyton/Agatha Christie

Are there any Enid Blyton fans out there? I began reading Enid Blyton when I was about 10 ( late bloomer ) I began reading Mallory Towers and St. Claire's, transporting myself thousands of miles away to these exciting boarding schools. Of course, I had my share of fairies, gnomes and pixies doses too.
My favourite Blyton series is the Barney series, also known as the 'R' series. All the titles have an 'r' word.  I think I was really interested in this series because when I was younger, I had this humongeous crush on the Barney character. Recently, I came across the whole series in a bookstore. I had been trying to find them for a long time. I promptly bought the all the six books, afraid I might not be able to find them or at least the complete series again. I had a good time reading them again.
My daughter, Alison, also loves Enid Blyton books. We have quite a collection at home and she will pick them up every so often. When I was still in school, I will get RM2.00 per week for allowance. I will spend RM1.80 on an Blyton book and that leave 20sens for snacks. In those days, 20sens will still get you snacks  So you can imagine I had quite an extensive collection when I left school. Unfortunately, most of them disappeared whilst I was in London during my college days - parents moved, siblings regard my collection  as a public library for their friends. And most of them were not returned.

In my secondary schooldays I was also introduced to Agatha Christie. Hui Guan and I used to stash AC books in a little hideaway corner  in the school library. This is so that we can borrow them whenever we can. They were very popular and just as soon as it's returned, it's going out again. Years later, after I got married, my husband and I began collecting them. Now we have a very extensive collection, almost 95% of her titles. No, sorry, they are not to be borrowed. However, you are more than welcome to view it and if you want, read it in my home. Coffee will also be provided. Most of the time, the plots are very simple and after one read, we already know whodunnit but it serves as light reading and it transports me to another era. Very much the same as the Blyton books. Andrew, my husband has this bad habit of flipping to the end of the story to find out the ending before he proceeds. It irks me but that's the way he is and I will not complain as long as he does not tell me.

What do books do to you? For me, it takes me on a magical journey. Be it to an English boarding school or some foreign countryside or some fantasy land; I can travel though land, space and time and be somewhere for a period of time. It is the same with movies. I suppose that's why people read and watch movies, escapism. Don't get me wrong, my feet are firmly planted on reality but it's nice to sometimes take a little trip elsewhere.

I think I am going to the bookcase to pick out an Agatha Christie to take to bed with me.

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