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Do you trust me?

While driving some of my students to Petaling Jaya for their examination practice session, I was recalling an incident that happened a few years ago.
This incident happened when the stretch of the Middle Ring Road called the Missing Link was still missing. They have, since, 'found it' and now it's 'missing' again. I was taking 3 of my students down to PJ for exams one fine morning. I decided to take that stretch of the road because I took it a few days earlier and it was smooth sailing. But on that particular said morning, it was almost a standstill.
Examination was to begin at 9.30am for Maria. (The others were at different times of the day). We set off at 7.30am, with plenty of time to spare to warm-up etc. We got stuck at about 7.50am and by 8.30am we hardly moved. We were still VERY far away. Wan Tze sat in front and she kept on asking if we will arrive on time for Maria's exam. I gave her the 'look' that says, 'shush!'. Then Maria started asking if we will get there on time. To which I replied, " Of course, don't you trust me? We will get there in a flash. It's only a little congested here. Once we pass this short stretch, we'll be flying"
To cut the long story short, the short stretch took us longer to pass. In fact, at 9.15am, we were STILL on that 'short stretch'. I took out my phone, rang the examination organiser and told her that we are stuck on MR2 before Fajar Supermarket and her reply was "Aiyoh!". No way we were going to get there by 9.30am.
Before the phonecall, the girls were chattering, jokes were bantered back and forth but after the call, the only sound that could be heard was the airconditioner's hum.
Well, we did NOT get there on time but the examiner was notified and she graciously waited for 10 minutes.
Maria passed, of course but my phrase "Do you trust me?"  has been immortalized.

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