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All's quiet............................

I checked my last journal entry - 20th December 2004! My goodness! Eons ago. It's been busy, busy, busy for me since then. Truth be told, I thought I will have more time on my hands to enjoy the last bit of my December holidays but I suddenly found myself swampped with things to do.

One of the 1st thing I did was 'attack' my house. I did a massive spring-cleaning and threw away loads of stuff which were stored ' just in case we need them' or ' so-and-so gave this to me and I can't throw it away', eventhough it's a mouldy stuff toy.  the dustman came by, looked at the mountain of rubbish and remarked, "mahu pindah ke?" ( are you moving?)

Then there was Christmas, complete with lots of food, friends and fellowship. And yeah, not to forget, presents. A group of us also went to GohTong Jaya for an overnight stay. We went in a 6 vehicle convoy and had a whale of a time. We stopped by the Batu Dam, which was beautiful. We also popped over to a hot spring on our way to GT Jaya. The kids had a great time getting wet.

When  we got back on 28 December, I buried myself in a mountain full of paperwork. I regretted leaving it to the last minute. There were registers to prepare, calenders to sort out, exams entires to check, check and re-check.  But I am boring you.......................

When I went back to work last Monday, I was actually looking forward to it.  After a break from teaching, everything seems fresh, exciting and I am ready to go full speed ahead. But what I am trying to get to saying here is.....................


May 2005 be the one where you discover new, exciting things to do, see and be. May it also be a beginning of a journey of discovery of what potential you may be capable of. May it also be one where you touch God and He touches you in a spectacular way.  God Bless!

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