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It's now 2am. I ushered in my birthday watching Six Feet Under, yayayay, I know - weird. I looked around my living room and I thought I should scratch the "10 things I want for my birthday list". And I should settle for just " somebody help me tidy up". Well, not just tidy up as in stack everything nicely thingy but actually going through the stuff and really get down into the business of throwing away lots of junk. But, *sigh* I think nobody will be able to do that for me.

The girls in class gave me a surprise eating spree. I know, it seems so totally unballet-like. All these partying. It all began normal. I went in early, prepared my lesson ( a.k.a think of the worst tortures to put them through ) One by one, they came, we began class.

I must say the girls in class were really great. They never let on at all. About 20 minutes before class finish, the doorbell rang. As we were not expecting anybody to come in at that time, I got worried and dashed to the door but not quick enough. One of them already got there to let the others, laden with goodies, in.

Poh Lynn made a cake again. She seems to be our unofficial cake provider. And this time it DID NOT MELT! Yay! Congrats Poh Lynn. Where the last bash seemed to be a salad pig-out, this time is was jelly, jelly and more jelly. Perhaps the girls were trying to tell me something? Not to expect much from them the next few weeks because they are like jelly? They were all delicious, the jelly I mean. Not the girls, but then again, I also think my girls are pretty dishy. Then they are MY girls so I tend to be bias.

Back to the food. This time Poh Lynn made this Oreo cake. We had fresh strawberries with it. She also made strawberry jam to spread over it. According to Sue Jan, it looked like blood-streaked booger but it tasted nothing like that. Hui Ann also made sandwiches which Bee Hong adored because she said that she did not get nice, soft fresh bread when she was in NS ( National Service) They were really sweet to make sure all food were made with less sugar, with me in mind.

My lament was they did not tell me to bring my camera, but of course, if they did, I would have smelt rat (which I am doing now anyway because the Rat Problem is once more in my house) Hence I have no pictures at all to show anybody what a great time I had. You will just have to take my word for it.  

Oh Oh, my pressies. I got a really lovely scarf and cute, funny little teddy bear. The girls gave me a very nice card which they all signed and it was great fun trying to figure out who wrote what. In the post, I received a beautiful book of poems from Julie, my pal from so far away. 2 weeks ago, I received my veery be-early present from Anne, Ju's mum. She actually wrote down lovely poems, verses and inspirational saying in a whole book for me. It was really nice, all handmade.

How am I going to spend my birthday? I think I'll clear up the living room. Then I will really feel good about myself. 

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Katy, it really feels as if I've known you since forever... time flies, huh? :P Want you to know you're a terrific person, a fantastic teacher (so I've heard!), and a great blessing to those around you and I'm glad to be counted as a friend.


First to comment, yayy!
October 13, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
Happy Birthday old bean!
They say only dull women have tidy houses - yours should be a complete tip by rights then :-)
I wish you all God's blessings for the next year, and ~I'm so glad your girls do special things for you - they must reflect your love for them! Thank you to the girls!!!
Enjoy your day,
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxoOoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
October 14, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJulie
Ju:Awwww shucks!Thanks and ditto.
Julie:You house must be downright messy too.
October 14, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
Fraid not.

VERY tidy :-(
October 16, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJulie
Julie: Only because you've always been immaculate. I remember those sweaty college days when you still look gorgeously fresh after a whole day of classes. The rest of the world sweated like pigs and you looked the absolute English Rose with lily-white complexion with MAKE-UP STILL ON! Confession- I was deadly jealous.
October 17, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty

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