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Traffic Crawls


I Had to go to Petaling Jaya today to pay a parking summon and I thought I will kill several birds with 1 stone. The parking summons was due to a stupid reason.You can read all about it under Major Exams Are Here in the DanceArt blog.

Then I thought, "Mmmmmmmm, roast duck for dinner will be great." David was home, he's on his study leave already, preparing for  papers in 2 weeks' time. And Ali finishes school early too due to the fasting month. So, great, we will all head down to PJ and have lunch too.

We set off about 1.30, hit a crawl on Jalan Genting Kelang. 'Normal lah' Genting Kelang is always crawling anyway. So crawled our way towards the Jalan Pahang roundabout, with Ali rattling away, telling us about her day out with her friends last week.

We went onto the underpass at the roundabout, when when we exited, ANOTHER CRAWL just before PWTC. Typical lah. There's always a crawl there. When they were doing roadworks to improve traffic flow there for the past umpteen years, it crawled. Now that they've finished, it STILL crawled. My question is, why bother?

Ok, after PWTC, we zipped past Parliment building,"not bad, not bad" I thought to myself. The speedometer actually rasied aboved 20km/h. Then just before Jalan Semantan at Damansara, it began to CRAWL AGAIN! And it crawled all the way till we passed Bangsar junction.  

I went up onto the highway (forgot what it's called) and we zipped for a bit but once we got out of it as we approached SS2, guess what, yup, it crawled AGAIN. So we sort of crawled our way to SeaPark to a place where (the whole family agreed) they have the bestest roast duck ever. But just 2 traffic junctions before the place, stupid-stupid me suddenly remembered it's Monday.

Not that we are in some occultic religion that prohibits duck consumptions on Monday or anything like that but the fact that the bestest roast duck IS NOT OPEN ON MONDAYS!!!! It's not fair! It's not right! But since our internal food dial had been set to 'Roast Duck' mode, we went in search for Donald. Of course, we had to crawl back to SS2 to get it. Well, we crawled because most of the traffic lights in PJ are red for, which seemed to me, eternity. They have that counter thingy which tells you how many more seconds to wait etc. The red number is always a lot bigger than the green number.

Duck safely acquired, headed on to MPPJ (PJ municipal) for the main errand. I am not familiar with PJ anymore, despite the fact that I had spent a large portion of my life there. I drove past the 'Drive Tru' counter junction, had to crawl my way round again. When we got there, the person at the counter told me if I want to lodge a complaint regarding the summon, I will have to go into the building. Did I?

Nope. There were 3 very hungry people in the car and the duck aroma did not help. It was nearly 3pm. I paid the bloody fine, eventhough I felt I was not guilty.

"Why don't we go A&W?", David asked. Well, why not? At that time of the day, most lunch places are closing and dinner, of course have not began.

Drove to A&W, made a wrong turn, ended up in the Taman Jaya LRT parking lot. @#$%^$! I REALLY don't know PJ anymore. But somehow, after consuming the Coney Dog (which I swear is much more like a Coney Puppy) and a scrumptious Root Beer float, I felt more ready to tackle the journey home.

Unfortunately, it was crawling again. When one has food in stomach, somehow, sleep mode switch keeps tripping. David was fast asleep beside me and Alison was flat out on the backseat, literally. So I was left on my own to fight traffic and sleep. It was one of the longest journey I have ever driven on.

Plans to visit my godgirl, Kirsten, for a round of alien baby language conversation was shelved.  Must cure sleep deprivation syndrome.

I really don't like going down to PJ. 


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dear, don't you know that PJ is now known as Perpetually Jammed! Despite having tolled ways entering into that forbidden zone, PJ will never be the same again. Just look at Jalan Gasing, State surroundings and you will know that it takes a 'mad' person to want to go there at all! The worst being Section 52, because of the number of banks there and the lack of parking spaces, so it is not surprising you got an early 'ang-pow' for not parking properly. But one thing I must admit, it does make the roasted duck taste special! LOL! Some-more puasa month.
October 18, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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