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More Birthday news

I know, I know. My birthday came and went but, hey celebrations continue.

Last night,my LifeGroup celebrated my birthday with a few other October babies. they actually had to began the partying without me because I finished classes very late last night - 10.30pm. Kim made one of her famous blueberry cheesecake........mmmmmm Yummy! Not very sweet, just the way I like it.

Cindy and I
On Thursday, Cindy and I met up and celebrated our birthdays with a girls night out. Nah, nothing spectacular or sizzling. We went to our favourite haunt for dinner and adjourned to StarBucks for drinks. But my, we yakked and yakked and yakked and if we had not needed to go pee, we would not have got up to leave. Cindy had this green tea thingy with whipped cream. I stuck to the trusty Rhumba.  It's those little bits of choc chips that makes it so interesting.60135-194150-thumbnail.jpg
Cindy with her 'poison'

Cindy and I do these catching up thing every once in a while but this time, it's long overdue. The last time we caught up was last year!!!!! Then we declare vehemently we must not let it lapse for so long. But somehow, we always manage to do it again :(

Me with mine(poison, I mean)
 Even though we don't meet often, we keep each other up to date with current happenings. But perhaps it's a little sad. Though we live not a few kilometres away (she lives in Gombak) we do most of the updating through online chats.

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