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Why I LOVE Teaching

This is the general feeling for a whole week for me.

Monday - YIPPEE! No class! At least for a while, since exams' finished, till the next wave of exams begins.  Tuesdays - *groan* line-learning day for drama practice. Not that I mind line-learning. Just that my brain has gone over the hill and on the way down. So what takes an average person half an hour will take me twice the time :(

Wednesday.......... Wednesday is sort of nondescript, middle of the week sort of day. Thursday is an early day - Ani comes to clean. Friday? Friday, it begins - the thought of the long, long day ahead.

Come Saturday, I rummage my wardrobe for the most comfortable clothes to wear, but trying to make sure they are not too shabby. Anybody can tell you for a fact that shabby, old clothes are the most comfortable ones. 

Ok ok ok, I am rambling. Why I love teaching? This is what happened in my Pre-Primary class today. (5-year olds) I was trying to give an analogy, leading into an exercise I wanted the children to do.

"It's been raining a lot these days, huh?"

"Yeah!", the kids responded.

"Do you know why rain is good? It cools down the weather. It's not so hot"

 Another "Yeah" in a unison chorus.

"And also, when it rains, the plants love it. They get to drink the rain water"

Then a little Miss SmartyPants answered, "Yeah, but too much water is also not good for plants!"

Whatever happened to 'Everything Teacher says is final and absolutely correct'????

Well, the little raining chat was to lead up to an exercise where they delicately use their fingers, like picking flowers etc. I told them to imagine picking raindrops, put them into a bottle and water the indoor plants in their homes because they cannot get the rainwater which is full of vitamins. I half-expected one of the little Miss Know-It-All to tell me, "Teacher, you cannot pick raindrops"  But none did!

They are absolutely so adorable and they are so challenging to teach. Many years ago, I used to have short little story-telling sessions during class ( for times when they have been jumping quite a fair bit and feeling very tired) These fairy tales have twists in them. For eg, Goldilocks and the 7 Dwarves. Hansel & Gretel in the 3 Bears Woods & many, many more. These poor kids. There must be a whole generation of kids from Melawati all grown up now with their fairy tale knowledge all mucked up.

I doubt very much I can do it anymore. Children these days are sharp. If I were to try those stunts on them, I must be prepared to be corrected. The point being, I got to stay sharper to be ahead. That is SO CHALLENGING!

Due to some stressful incidents in the middle of the day, I ended up with a very bad headache during Grade 5 class.

"Ok, you guys please practise the Stamp and Clap exercise while I run down to the pharmacy to get some medicine"

"Why Teacher?"

"I got headache"

"Headache? Ok, I massage for you"

Before I can even accept or decline, two thumbs were kneading my temples. Ouch! It hurt even more! 

"My way better lah. Move away" another voice.

This time, two KNUCKLES were drilling into the already sore temples. "AWWWWW!

"Too hard ah, Teacher? Ok, softer"

"Thanks, Darlings. It'll just take me 2 minutes to run down and get the Ponstan and come up again." (I figured by the time  these kids finished kneading my head, my brain will be dough, ready to be baked.)

Just love them. Their reaction to my headache was so spontaneous and natural. It may not have been a good solution but it felt nice to be concerned about in the middle of a long, dreary day.

It's so strange, when on Fridays, all I can think of is 'long day tomorrow, long day tomorrow' But when I am right in the middle of Saturday, I am having a time of my life.  


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