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Wookie at 5kg

Wookie at 5kg
He's growing. Yup, no doubt about that. The last weigh-in was a week ago and he has touched the Big 5. He is now too big to get under the couch but his favourite ball always seemed to get under it. He will then bark, growl, whimper, anything to get somebody's attention to help get it out for him. Unfortunately, it does not stay out. In a few minutes, it's rolled back under again. Sometimes, I wonder if it's a game to him - 'roll it in, get somebody to get it out for me' game.

It's been a month since we had him shaved. His hair is growing back. His infection is improving. Although we shaved him, we still had to put him on the oral medication but he is also given liver supplements to make sure the meds do not affect the liver. One day, I am going to take out all his vet bills and add them up. Then we'll probably put up a 1-dog circus to try and collect some money to get him to pay for his keep. 

But meantime, he is such a joy. When I get home from work, he'll greet me at the door, follow me around like any puppy will do, waiting for a moment to catch my attention on his intention - yup, PLAYTIME!

Playtime will be 'fetch', tummy rubs, fur ruffling to make him even more scruffy-looking, play catching, well, just about anything we can conjure.

He will be 6 months old next week. I believe his growth rate will slow down considerably from now. If not he'll end up as huge as Scooby-Doo(a Great Dane) We have installed baby gates both at the bottom of the stairs and the doorway to the back. It keeps him out of those places AS LONG AS they remain closed. If accidently left open, Wookie Houdini Cheong will be there in a flash.

Although obedient to a certain extent, this mutt has a mind of his own. If it goes against his own agenda, he'll not follow yours. Face wiping after a meal is against his agenda. So is eating in his own crate/cage. He'll take his meds as long as it's followed with treats. He'll go upstairs for his bath as soon as he sees me/David get the towel, but he won't step into the bathroom. " I want to bathe but I don't want to get wet" syndrome.

He has this 'sor chai'(silly) look about him when he tilts his head on one side and his tongue hangning out ever so slightly at a corner of his mouth. Andrew always remark about what he's actually thinking of. I wonder too.

This afternoon, I took a nap. Andrew took one too, splayed out in front of the TV. With Mummy and Daddy sleeping, Wookie slept too. When I came downstairs, he sort of opened his sleepy eyes, looked at me, "Hi, Mummy. I am still very sleepy so I won't get up to lick you or anything like that"

I tried forever to upload a recent picture but it's not working. Perhaps tomorrow. (It's now tomorrow. I just realised how stupid I was last night. Stupid, stupid me edited the picture in Photoshop, clicked save but did not look at what it was saved as. That's why the picture could not load. It's a psd. Once I changed it to a jpeg it was alright. I gotta be the blurrest blogger alive!)



Reader Comments (2)

He will continue to grow till about 12 months old... then you will hv a bigger furry kid to play with.:))
October 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng
ya sure will grow some more one but I think not so much now lor. slower a bit
October 24, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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