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So adorable
Today, I would like to write about a favourite little person that I know. Her name is Kirsten Jane Wong and she’s my god-girl. Kirsten was born on May 8, 2004. Her 1st few months were a great period of adjustments for her Mummy, Daddy and Cheh Cheh. Both Mum and Dad were walking zombies because nights were more exciting for Kiki (as her Dad affectionately calls her) but of course, all human beings have to comply with community living and she settled in to a more acceptable time clock.

She loves her collection of singing VCDs. She will sit for hours, watching them, jumping and swaying and before too long singing along too. She loves reading too, well, not really reading but more like being read to.

Whenever I visit, I try to slot in a wrestling session. For a tiny little person, she has kicks that match any tae-kwan-do exponent. I expect she may master a judo throw soon and I’ll be in trouble.

Despite repeated attempts to get her to say, “Godma”, I have to settle for a “Mama” which is still not bad but today she said something distinctly, a word every adult dread…………….the NO word. And wow! She said it with such firmness and a glint in her eye. (Did I mention she’s really mischievous?)

“Come Godma carry.”


And she’s not even two yet. Two is the official age for ‘No’ season. No parents should be subjected to an early and prolonged season. My heart goes out to you, Ju and Meng.

Whenever she hears music, she dances. She sways her Pampers-clad bum, jumps up and down, tosses her head from side to side, and shakes her shoulders. This girl is a walking percussion instrument. And she does all these, preferably in front of the mirror.

No post on Kirsten is complete without the mention of food. Daddy Ju once made a statement about his two girls. “Meg eats to live but Kirsten lives to eat”. She, apparently, will try anything. On their last trip to the beach, she even tried sand! She loves her Coco Pops, raisins, and biscuits. These are all on top of her normal meals of milk, porridge or rice with soup etc.

And of course I MUST mention her talking. She is such an intelligent child. She is only 18 months old but can hold a great conversation, in her own language of course. We may not understand her complex language but nevertheless it IS a language with its own set of vocabularies etc.

Thanks, Ju and Meng for allowing me to enjoy both Kirsten and Meg.

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