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Yesterday, Andrew's fish died

Yup, it died. This fish we had for a while now in one of our two aquariums in the house. What sort of fish? I haven't the faintest idea (although, I should because I must have asked Andrew many, many times. Shame on me!)

I think we always had fishes in the house. Andrew likes fishes. I once asked him what he finds that's so enjoyable with fishes. I mean, with a dog, Wookie for example, it's his crazy antics. He can run a 4x100 metre relay all on his own. Perhaps it looks more like a game of rounders or baseball, touching base. Or the fact that this adoring mutt sits by the door and waits for you to come into the house to give your ankles love nibbles for at least 10 minutes. The Cheong household DO NOT enjoy that. It can get very nibbly when one tries to go about trying to settle back in after a long day out. Andrew told me he finds fishes swimming back and forth in aquariums very soothing. I find a session with Super Mario very soothing. Ah, each to its own.

Like I said, we've always had fishes. Once, when Andrew and I were dating, he helped me set up a whole aquarium of goldfishes. I must have all types of goldfishes in there. Possibly around 30 of them ( can't remember the number. Andrew probably does :p) When Andrew comes over to my place, the 1st thing he did was to go and check on the fishes! Hey! What about the girlfriend???

A section of the garden
So now, we have an empty aquarium. The other one has this South American piranha look alike. We also have a little pond outside. It looks like this. Although, I suppose this picture does not do justice to the topic at hand, which are fishes. Then , I suppose anybody reading this would have guessed by now I am not a fishy sort of person because I actually took this picture to feature the lovely foliage.

The plant in the pot on top is called the pegaga . The little water feature we have is also surrounded with cat's whiskers.  In the background, I have some oregano. Today, I noticed that the grasshoppers have been feasting on it. Pests! I have always found cat's whisker bloom very interesting. They really do look like cat's whiskers.

Although not seen, in the pond, Andrew has about 20 fishes. What are they? Are you asking me again??? They are very pretty and I have to be very careful when I scoop the water out for my plants sometimes. The pond water is good for the plants.  

We once had a whole huge cement pond of carps too. We went away for a weekend, came back to find them all dead. There was a heavy thunderstorm while we were away, the electrical circuit tripped and the power was shut down. The air pump was stopped. Andrew was devastated.

Then we had a huge gourami ( I think it was a gourami. Remember - DONT ask me for names of fishes) who committed suicide. He grew so big, too big for his tank, I think and one day, decided that, life is not worth living anymore. He jumped out of his tank, through the cover and landed on a smaller tank below. The small thank broke and cut him. This happened late in the night and when we came downstairs the next morning, the whole living room was bloodied. It looked like a mass slaughter had occurred. It frightened the hamsters we had then so much that Henrietta prematurely gave birth. But that's another story.

I can go on and on with fishy stories but sleep beckons. 

Reader Comments (1)

I have 4 wretched goldfish. They are the most common type you can get over here.
I hate them.
they smell.
They've lost their colour and somehow it's always my job to clean the smelly things out.
Their tank is slimy, heavy and diffcult to clean.
The filter never works first time when I replace it after cleaning and its a saturday job I dread.

But each morning, lift the lid of their tank, and they swim to the top as fast as they can and start blowing little bubbles!
They sound like they're blowing kisses!
And then my soft side comes out and I garnt them another day's grace from being flushed down the pan...
...any offers of adoption...?
November 18, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAunty Julie

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