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Wookie's Post

Today, my Mummy bought me a new ball. I always seem to lose me ball because they roll under the sofa or fish tank but this nice, nice red ball is big so it won't disappear under anything.

My New Ball
I love my new ball. I have been playing with it ever since Mummy brought it back this afternoon. It is SO BIG! I can even put my paws into the holes. Here is a picture of me with my ball.  

My Papa tells my Mummy she is spoiling me. But I think she is not. She loves me very much. My Papa also loves me very much but don't tell me in case my head gets big. My Koko David also love me very much. My Cheh Cheh also. In fact, everybody in the house loves me a lot.

My 1st ball is a bell, bell ball. Then I got a green ball. This is what my green ball look like. This ball is really nice for 'fetch' game but when it rolls under the sofa, I am too fat to go under to fetch. 

Today, Mummy bathed me. I like to be clean but I don't like to bathe. Mummy lets me go upstairs on my own. She uses a very nice smell shampoo on me. But I don't like it when the water gets on my face. I will shake and shake and shake. Mummy don't like that. SHE gets all wet. But I love her, so I must share my bath with her also.

I like to play 'fetch' with my Mummy. This red ball is very difficult to fetch. It is very big but I do my best. Mummy is very proud of me when I can do that. She says, "Good Boy". Then she rubs my tummy. I like that.

My signature
My Mummy says, "Enough" I have to go. Bai Bai. Mummy says, also, I must sign off. So I put my paw print here.



PS: I am too short to reach the keyboard so Mummy helped me type this post. Thank you for reading. 


Reader Comments (2)

job well done,wookie!woff woff 2 u!yeah,i love u very much,glad i dun have to bathe u then u dun get to share ur bath with me,neh neh!!!okaylar,i also gotta bai bai...
November 21, 2005 | Unregistered Commenteralison
ahhhh... so cute. he's hairy again!! =]
November 28, 2005 | Unregistered Commentersuejan

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