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King's Kids Camp


Yesterday Yoke Chin and I went down to Port Dickson to the King's Kids camp. We were there to conduct the 'Kids in Worship' workshops.

Yoke Chin did the drama workshops, Alwin and Rachel with the percussion, Eelyn in singing and I, well, what else but dance? This is not my 1st time conducting workshops for KK (King's Kids) but this the 1st I've had so few sessions. 

I had a total of less than 2 hours for each group of kids. I felt as if I barely scratched the surface. At the back of my mind, I felt as if there's this huge clock ticking away telling me I have to finish this and finish that.

The purpose of these workshops were to open up and encourage to kids to be a little more expressive with themselves when it comes to worship. The picture above shows the praise and worship session we had last night. We had a ball! Pastor Nancy gave such an interesting teaching session. At the end of the evening, the teachers formed a 'Power Tunnel'. The kids, one by one walked through it and was prayed for and blessed by the teachers. I felt privileged to be in that session.

I had such a great time with the kids in my dance workshop sessions. This was specially true with the younger group today. I can never match their energy but in the middle of the session today, I asked them to stand up and do it again, Jean, one of the little ones, with a determined voice said No! Taken aback, I asked 'why'?

"I am tired!" I then looked at my watch and lo and behold, it's time for the 10mins break. Do they have some sort of internal clock inside them that tells them it's break time?

Us teachers also had our own sessions of sharing and exchanging information, especially on what and which kids to look out for and what happened. One of the teachers remarked that it is hoped that these 'kids in worship' workshops will not happen again soon, like for the next 10 years! But I will say that all of us WERE blessed by the enthusiasm of the kids, the eagerness to learn, to participate.

Of course we will have a few wall-flowers. But in my opinion, even wall-flowers learn. They may not participate actively but they are absorbing, nonetheless. I have known kids to stand and face the wall throughout my class only to go home and show their mummy what was done in class. How they manage to follow what's going on with the back to the room amazes me. Perhaps they have eyes behind them.

I was so tired I fell asleep immediately after getting home. 2 hours each day, big deal. Why so tired? Perhaps it's because of the pressure cooker feeling, to have to get everything done in less than 2 hours. Still, I had a good time and I think I am speaking for all the other teachers too. 


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mana pictures?
December 1, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
pictures? what pictures? I had so little time during workshop, I didn't even pee. you should have gone and taken those pictures :p
December 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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