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Mariage a deux

Over the weekend, I attended 2 weddings. Last night it was Philo's wedding.

Philo was a former student of mine. She joined me from another school. She was  rather quiet in the beginning and coming from another school, the others thought she was stuck-up. A few weeks after, I took a few of them to Shah Alam for a performance.

Those days, I was driving an old Datsun 120Y. On the backseat, near the left door, the cushion have all but lost its springiness. One feels as if one's sitting on the road. Those mischevious girls manuveoured it in such a way that Philo got to sit there. When we got there, I asked them if everybody was ok and there was a chorus of YES. Then I heard a rather soft mummering of ' felt like I was sitting on the road'. Then I heard stifled chortles. But after that, the others embraced her into their fold.

A few years after that, I took a group of them to Singapore to watch Singapore Dance Theatre with their Nutcracker performance.  We went a day earlier and that night we took a walk along Orchard Road. Then somebody suggested going to Hard Rock Cafe. 'Good idea', I thought.

When we got nearer to HRC,  the girls trailed behind......................"You go ahead 1st, MC". They call me MC (Mrs. Cheong) So I went ahead, we got in, had a good time, went back to Shee-La's grandmother's apartment where we were putting up for a night.

Then, when we were on our way back to Kuala Lumpur on the train,  they told me that they were all underaged!!!! Seems that after a certain hour, only 18 or is it 21 years of age are allowed. Blur, blur me dunno!!!!!!!!! And I suddenly realised at the moment, Philo was only 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God! (note to self, gotta dig out photos from that trip)

It was a far cry yesterday, from that underaged girl I took into HRC that many years ago. She looked every bit a radiant bride. The wedding was held in Le Meridian. It was my 1st time at this hotel and I must say, food was good.

Tonight's wedding was  Sam and Adeline's. Sam was once in the same clowning and puppetry team with my sister, Jasmine and I met Adeline the 1st time in Penang many, many years ago. She then came down to KL to pursue  dance training and later, continued to work here. The wedding was held in a park in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. It was such a nice setting. It was a pity it rained and rained and rained. Thank goodness the tent was not placed on grassy area or we would have sunk deep down into the mud.

Weddings are also times to catch up with friends. We are all caught up with our own schedules and lives that  we sometimes  find it difficult to do so.  I just wish they weren't placed so close together. Then, I can savour each one a little better.  


Reader Comments (2)

I'm sorry, but this posting is unacceptable in it's current form. EVERYONE knows you can't describe a wedding without PHOTOS!! Please put some up! I love wedding pictures :-D

Isn't it a fact of life though, that wedding are (as they say over the pond in old GB) like busses - none for ages then 3 come all at once!

I am also going to a wedding on saturday - just to the ceremony, as the relationship between myself and the bride is too distant - her mother is a colleague of mine. However, there is an English tradition that the bride must wear
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
and something blue.
Just an old wives tale, but the bride is borrowing my veil - I'm so excited! My poor daughter will be dragged along with me too!

Ahh, brings a tear to the eye to realise how young we were when we married....!

November 13, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAunty Julie
Yup, it comes in 3s. 1st weekend of December yet another wedding. Andrew's cousin, so it's a family sort of thing. I have absolutely no pictures of last weekend :( I did not use my usual bag that can hold everything but the kitchen sink.
After all one has to use an elegant little dainty bag to match the outfit and therefore, I did not bring a camera. It can all but fit the cellphone and the all important lipstick and some loose change (just in case) Found it hard even to fit in a couple of tissues.
November 15, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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