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13th Dec - Adam's Birthday!

What a gorgeous 3-year old!
It was Adam's birthday yesterday. And to celebrate it, we went to Zoo Negara (National Zoo)
My sister Michelle with her 2 sons, Ben and Jason went to pick him up at the apartment and we met up at my house. Megan, Ju's older girl came along too for the fun. We were all, of course, very excited. I made sure I had my video camera charged the night before. I planned to video the whole day but alas, when I got home in the evening to check out the footage, there was a problem with the camera and I did not capture anything except of the kids entering the gates

It was good that I brought along my digital camera too or we will not have both video and pictures at all.
The Gang
Here's the whole gang. That's Meg and Jason in the front and at the back, Yu (Adam's beloved kakak) Alison, Ben and Adam in Michelle's arms. Somewhere lurking behind the gang is a giraffe (can you see it?)

The kids wanted to see everything. But that's impossible, not for only half the morning. We took the ride for certain bits of the way. It's a nice ride. They have various 'ride-stops' along the way. One can get off at any of the stops, walk a bit to enjoy observing the animals up close and catch the ride at some other stops.

The kids were so excited, talking on top of their voices in super speed and all at once. The animals must have thought, 'oh no! this place is like a zoo now, we have to move!' Needless to say, Michelle and I were quite overwhelmed with the questions and comments. We must have got to the zoo during potty time. We caught so many animals pooing and peeing but the grossiest were probably the capybaras. Capybaras are the biggest rodents in the world but they don't seem to look like rodents. They look more like guinea pigs. 60135-229183-thumbnail.jpg
Let's go er...........swimming
We saw a whole family of capybaras going into the water. "Hey look children, so nice, whole family go swimming together." The children looked. Then suddenly, one of them ( can't remember who) asked, what are those things floating on the water? They were yellow-ish/green-ish in colour. Then it dawned on us that they were pooing! EEW! They went into their watery toilet to poo and pee! Standing in poo-ey water! The kids were, of course, very verbal about the whole incident.

There were certain enclosures which we spent a lot more time and  some we could not even get near. The horses were particularly stinky. We never got near enough to find out what sort of horses they are. We spent a good many minutes debating on whether some buffaloes with huge horns were buffaloes or cows. Meg and Jason ran to the information placard and ran back confirming Adam's declaration that they are indeed cows.

The children were always about 2 displays ahead of us. "Aunty Katy, come! come! "

"Ya! Right behind you...........coming!"

By nearly 1pm, the kids were tired, especially the Birthday Boy. So we caught the ride and coolly did not mention that we missed the penguins. Michelle, being a veteran mum, brought some soap bubbles and they are fun blowing bubbles on the ride. I dare say, the people walking on the path did not think so, with bubbles floating into their faces. Drunk.

I am 3 years old!
We left the zoo and went to Adam's apartment. Adam's parents, my brother and sis-in-law are in Germany. They missed Adam and Joshua so much but they will be back soon. We had pasta, salad, chicken drummets and a Spiderman cake - yay! The cake cutting was noisy with Joshua trying to lend a helping hand! 

The kids all had fun helping Adam set up his new Bob the builder workshop. He is going to have many happy hours with that.  I had loads of fun the whole day too. This day is sort of a 2nd segment to last year's trip to Royal Selangor. Adam is the new addition to the gang. Perhaps next year, Kirsten and Joshua will be included as well. Oh dear, I need to get a van.

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