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I'm Late! I'm Late!

Says the White Rabbit in Alice. Only this is Ms. Dory ( not her real name. She insisted on being anonymous.) She put up a post about one of her 'incidents' just recently and I remembered another incident when I was 'actively' involved.

I asked her and obtained permission to  re-blog the post and here it is.

A post by a Ms. Dory dated 15 June 2005 

After attending the competition this year, and while preparing for my next trip to Singapore, I was reminded of a similar situation that happened about 2 years ago. Having won the Encouragement Award (which was like the 4th prize, kinda) I found two tickets to watch the Singapore Dance Theatre in my envelope. Naturally, I gave the other ticket to my beloved dance teacher, Mrs. Cheong to repay her for her dedication and sacrifice during practices. She booked NICE 2* bus tickets, and told me what time to be there. So, I made sure, I got my alarm set, went to sleep, and woke up feeling all cheerful and ready to go.

The sky was so blue, so nice... I wanted to lie in bed a little more, but I knew more time was needed to get ready. So, I went off to have a shower, and when I came out, my mother handed my handphone to me.

"Urgent!" she said.

I looked at her, my hair dripping wet.


"Dory, where are you now?" Mrs. C demanded. DEMANDED loudly.

"Uh, I just came out of the bathroom. Why?"

Silence on the other line.

"Do you know what time you have to be here or not? The bus is leaving now!!"

"Whaaattt??" I panicked, glance at the clock and read the time. 8 am. "But you said to be there at 9 am what?? It's only 8 now."


Oh man. Oh man... the sick panicky feeling was rising to my throat. I sat down... trying to comprehend the situation. My eyes were brimming with tears as I realized my mistake.

"Teacher, can tell them to wait ah?" I asked quietly, knowing the answer.

"I don't know, I don't think so! Anyway, please make sure you get another ticket ok? I will wait for you in the hotel. Ok, I have to go now. Go catch the next bus," she assured me.

I wanted to thump my head on the wall. What was I thinking? There I was, trying to swallow back my tears, rushing to dry my hair and dress, while my parents who were rudely jolted awake by the heated phonecall, grumbled under their breath as they rushed to send me to the station.

At the station.

"Excuse me, when is the next available bus leaving for Singapore?" I asked the counter.

"Oh, takde la, ini semua fully booked," he replied.

I was nearly in tears as I begged him, "Encik, tolonglah, saya perlu satu tiket sahaja. Tadi, saya terlepas bas pukul 8." I was desperately desperate. I could have went on my knees and continue begging him but suddenly...

"Kalau begitu, baiklah, kamu beli satu tiket dulu, kalau orang cancel booking, kamu boleh naik bas, ok? Kalau semua full kena tunggu next bus." I glanced at my mom. She stared hard at me.

"Don't look at me. It's all your fault. What to do, buy the ticket la."

My dad jumped into the conversation. "Boleh kejar tak bas itu? Mana mereka stop?"

The attendants shared some smirks among themselves and laughed. "Oh, mana boleh? Mereka tu, bawa agak laju."

9 a.m.

I was finally on my way to Singapore. Can you imagine, what havoc I went through during the past hour? Ugh... I checked my handphone and found 4 missed calls and messages, all timed before my conversation with teacher.

"Dory, I am here already, where are you? Let me know ya." Tut. "Dory, what time are you coming? The bus is here already." Tut. "DORY, PLEASE CALL ME BACK SOON. I AM BOARDING THE BUS." Tut. "DORY, WHERE ARE YOU NOW?"

Ok, no need to say, surely it was teacher. I gave her a call and told her what happened. I didn't even realize the absurdity of my dad's question, until teacher pointed it out to me. In my head, I imagined my dad pulling up side by side with the NICE 2 bus, with me flagging it to stop, while others just stare at us with suspicion, fearing we might be hijackers or something.

"Oh well, you're missing out the best part of the ride. I am sitting upstairs, at the front seat! I can put both legs up and watch the journey," Mrs. C gleefully poked me.

Ouch. I felt that.

Oh well, I guess I learnt my lesson. The HARD way.

*Nice 2 bus, at that time was the first double decker bus in Malaysia. 1+2 seating arrangement, feels like you are seating in a business class section of an airplane. But now, so many bus companies already invested in a double decked bus, such as Plusliner, Konsortium, and the new company, Aeroline. Aeroline has a lounge at the lower deck, where it's more of a living room setting. Nowadays, they imitated the airplane announcement... you know, with the "This is your captain speaking" stuff. Feels... wierd.*

 KATY'S Thoughts on the incident.

When Dory told me about chasing the bus, I had this image of her transferring herself to the bus from her dad's car a la "Speed" style. As in Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock. That would be so totally cool. Then on the national news that night..................

"There was a strange incident along the PLUS highway along the KL/Seremban route. An unidentified woman was seen boarding a moving bus from a car speeding alongside it." Perhaps it may be caught on video too. But, alas, it did not happen.

She did get on the next bus but did not get the nice front seat. In fact, if I remember correctly, she only managed to get a downstairs seat.  And that night, we went to the theatre VERY early so as not to miss the performance. 

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