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Christmas 2005

When I began my well deserved month long holiday in the beginning of this month, I did not want Christmas to come along. But of course, 'Time and Tide waits for no one'

So here I am 2 days after Christmas and positively several kgs heavier. Christmas celebration began early, on Friday. My cellgroup celebrated it on Friday at Johnston and Sheryl's place. We had the whole works, food, food and more food, carol singing, carollers, gift exchange.

Kim made the turkey. It was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed making the garden salad. I dug out my cut glass punch bowl to put that in. Andrew and I bought the punch bowl set when we got married. I think we probably only used it for a grand total of 3 times. Some of the tinier bowls still had labels on them. The salad looked really nice in it. Chin Chin bought the jelly cake which Elaine loved so much that when the party ended and there are lots of cake left, she took home quite a few slices (to munch in front of TV, she said) There were so many other stuff to eat which I won't mention or you might not finish reading this post. Hunger may overcome you.

On Saturday (Christmas Eve) my parents, Richard, Steven, Michelle and their family came to dinner. It was Mum and Dad's 44th wedding anniversay. Jasmine rang from Canada to join in the celebration. We had a good time. Mum and Dad got a new DVD player from us. I think Dad has more toys than any of us. Mum thinks Wookie is very good-looking. Wookie took to her famously. He went straight up to her and put his paws on her lap Fun pushing. Joshua, my 8-month old nephew thinks Wookie is a soft toy.

Then on Christmas day, I made my acting debut as Elizabeth, Mary's cousin. I was so nervous. I kept telling Ju that I am afraid I will muck up the lines. I had been mucking it up for the past few rehearsals. My brain is just not what they used to be. In this short piece of drama, I have to look pregnant. Many days ago, I did a fashion parade in front of Andrew. "Do I look pregnant or just fat?" A politically correct answer, "You don't look pregnant" I tried several method and in the end managed to find the best solution so that the cushion do not look lumpy and unreal.  

Just before I went on, I was so nervous. I kept thinking something will go wrong. Microphone not working, mucking up my lines, tripping and falling on stage. Generally, all the worst case scenario ran through my mind. But thank God, it all went well. *phew*!

That night, we went to Shannon's house for the Christmas party and I had such a great time there. At some point during the night, I looked around and realised that I am the oldest in the room.  But, hey, when one is among friends, somehow age does not matter. Age has never been a barrier for good conversations or laughs. Truth be told, I am happy they accepted me as I am. We stayed till very late, had many, many helpings of food and drink. It was not a 'laden my plate with food and eat and eat and eat'. It was a 'munch on a BBQ chicken wing, grab a slice of garlic bread, nibble on Shannon's Christmas cake, get a bit of the turkey' kinda thing. Oh and I must mention about the strange pink butter cake. Yup, a pink colour butter cake.

The Christmas tree lights are still blinking in my sitting room. Eddie and family will be coming over for dinner tomorrow night. So celebrations will still go on for a bit longer. It's a season for gatherings, fellowship and plain spending some time with people whom you care about.

Blessed Christmas to everyone. 



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WOW! Busy lady!
January 5, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAunty Julie

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