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Shopping! Shopping!

Tis the season to be jolly……………and so on. Christmas came and went and along with it ……..SHOPPING!

Well, it’s not exactly a Christmas shopping post but shopping in general.

As I was waiting for eternity in line at the checkout counter in a hypermarket, a few thoughts ran through my mind.

Don’t you always find yourself......................

1.    Queuing up behind somebody who has an item that does not have a price tag and therefore, there will be people scrambling all over the place trying to find out how much the product is and hence holds up the queue.

2.    In a check-out counter with the cashier that has a tag ‘trainee’ on top of his/her name-tag. Most of the time one is so far back in the queue to see that ‘trainee’ tag and when one notices it, it’s too late to switch to another queue.

3.    Behind somebody who has not weighed his/her vegetables or fruits and he/she dashes off to the weighing station to do so, leaving a whole lot of people growing old in line.

4.    In a line that moves a lot slower than the one next to you, with no particular reason.

5.    Pushing a trolley with a bad wheel.

6.    Buying something that does not work, thus having to go back and get it changed.

7.    In a check-out counter where the roll of sales receipts run out just when it’s your turn

These are just but a few of my observations. A few unusual incidents happened the past few weeks. I was getting a few grocery items when the cashier turned to me at the end and asked for RM499. 10 (or something like that. Can’t remember the amount) I raised my eyebrows and the cashier immediately realized it could not have been. I only purchased a few items. The man right behind my in the queue gave a surprised exclamation too. This time, I held up the queue. The supervisor was called for and there was a lengthy explanation on how it could not have been. According to the codes scanned, I bought RM400 worth of biscuits. All I can say is, that's A LOT of biscuits if it had been so. In the end, they cancelled and began all over again. It was right the 2nd time. Perhaps a computer glitch.

Then a few days later I was in Situation 1. This lady bought heaps of stuff and if I were a man, I would have grown a beard even Santa would be proud to own. Then in the end, the cashier held up a delinquent pail, called out to one of the runner-boys to check the price. After waiting for a bit, she asked the lady if she could pay for the other items 1st and pay for the pail later so as not to hold up the queue. To my surprise, the lady said NO in a very loud and firm voice. She wanted all the purchases in one credit card receipt. She implied that the cashier did not do anything earlier to check on the price. I said nothing but in my opinion, I thought she was rather rude, especially to those in line behind her. She could have actually mention a little apology to us. After all, it was not our fault the pail had not tag and definitely not our fault the cashier did not try to find out earlier as she implied. Ah well................

Then there was Situation 6. I bought an audio CD from a reputable chain of bookstores for Alison for Christmas. We did not wait till Christmas to find out if it works. Lo and behold, it does not. Well, not true exactly, we tried it on 3 different players and it does not work on 2 of them. When I took it back to change the next day, they tried it on theirs and it worked and there was quite a fuss about changing it. I put the changed CD into the player in the car and it did not work again. So up I went back to the store and asked if I can change for a another title. Obviously, there's something wrong with the whole batch. The supervisor, whom I did not get to see, kicked up an even bigger fuss. But I was not going to stand down. I am not going to flush RM50 down the toilet, so to speak. The poor fella at customer service did not have an easy time, that's all I can say. In the end, I think they agreed to change it just to get rid of me.

I love Christmas shopping. I enjoy browsing, looking for gifts for people. But since I don't work in December, the real trick is to find the perfect gift for various people without making a hole as huge as a cavern to fall in. I suppose I should get myself creative in craft work. I always cherish homemade gifts and cards. But I am just so lousy at it. My new year's resolution - I have 11 months to perfect creative craft work well enough to make gifts that people will actually appreciate instead of stowing away behind heaps of stuff in a dingy old cupboard. 


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