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Darren & Shian Li

Last weekend was another wedding weekend. Anticipating Julie's demands for pictures, I armed myself with the camera and snapped away.
I have known Darren for a good many years. He is Aunt Lisa and Uncle Sunny's older boy. Aunty Lisa is Andrew's aunt. Andrew has a huge extended family. His father was the eldest of 7 siblings. You can imagine the 'culture shock' when I met them.
We were dating for a while and then he asked me to meet the most important people in his life, his grandparents. Ah Ma (grandma) was 70 when I 1st met her and Ah Yeh (grandpa) was 90. Even though they were advanced in age, they were full of life. Ah Ma cooked superlicious dishes and Ah Yeh knew about so many things.
It was at their place when I met the rest of the Cheong clan. It was Chinese New Year and it was customary for everybody to congregate there on the 1st and 2nd day of the New Year. Andrew introduced me to numerous aunts and uncles and a whole sea of cousins. Needless to say, it took me quite a few years before I knew each and everyone of them. Darren was only about 7 or 8 then.
But he was all grown up last weekend.
Uncle Sunny had a little family dinner on Saturday. Andrew and I enjoy these gatherings. It is a time to catch up and find out what everyone else is up to. Most of the time, we only get to see almost everybody at weddings and funerals and I must say weddings are definitely better circumstance to meet.
ShianLi,Darren and parents.
Then, on Sunday morning, it was the tea ceremony. It is customary for the wedding couple to acknowledge the elders with a cup of tea.  Then the wedding ceremony proper was held at PJ Hilton. It was a lovely service. They had 3 bridesmaids, 3 bestmen and 4 flower-girls!
John & Andrew
At the dinner reception, there were more reunions. A gentleman walked over to Andrew and began talk to him, telling him that the last time they met was in 1975! (David and I looked at each other with VERY raised eyebrows) This man, John had such a good memory. I could see Andrew struggling to try and remember who he was. It turned out that he is Ah Ma's sister's daughter's son (try figuring THAT out!)  We also filled in with 'how many kids whom has now'. There are many additions to the clan, that's all I can say.
The food was not too bad. David and Alison was particularly impressed that they served Ferrero Rocher. (2 some more - Alison's remark) We had a full table and therefore, food went quickly. The table next to us only had 5 people and they had difficulty finishing.
Weddings are nice to go to but very tiring. And today, I just received another invitation to yet another wedding - 30th Dec. Surely that must be the last of the year! 

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What a beautiful couple! Thank you for thinking of me, and snapping a picci!

Congratulations to Shian Li and Darren.

December 9, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAunty Julie

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