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Over the wedding weekend, I was plagued with a very irritating toothache. I took a couple of pain killers, hoping it will go away, but it did not. So on Monday, I went to the dentist.

I was once again reminded on why I DON'T like to go to the dentist. "What can I do for you?", the dentist asked.

"I have a toothache".

"Which one?" And he proceeded to tap each tooth in that general nearby area. It's strange and I have experienced this before; but when one has a toothache (please note, not teethache) all other teeth seemed to ache in sympathy too. So he taps this one and that one and all seemed to ache, then he tapped on the culprit. Ouch!

"Seems like you have cracked the tooth. You must have bitten hard on a nut or a bone"

Must have happened during one of those classes whereby I had to crack a hard nut or perhaps, it was so hard to crack I had to bite on the student's bone.

Back to the dentist's chair:

He told me he's going to fill it up with some temporary zinc oxide or something like that and that I take some pain killers and get back to him in 2 weeks' time to do a permanent filling. That was Monday. Yesterday, Thursday, I could not take that pain anymore and went to see him again.

"No better?"

"Nope" (Why else am I here so soon if I am better? Duh!)

"Ok, we have to do a root canal and crowning"

I was afraid of that. The root canal will dig deep into my pockets and the crowning does costs an equivalent of a crown. But, what must be done, must be done *sigh*

There were a few things I thought about during my dental visit. I wondered why dentists always talks to their patients when it's so difficult to answer? They ask, pain? no? I have thought of a device which dentists can use (Inventors, take note) 2 buttons,one for each thumb. Perhaps the one on the left will light up when one feels pain and the other for not. But in moments of excruciating pain, one's reflex will be to press BOTH buttons!

For the entire session when the dentist was treating me, I did not open my eyes. In fact, I believe I suffered maximum mental trauma. The image that kept flashing through my mind was alien experiments on human (as in X-Files/Taken) The whole room was filled with the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sound in the highest pitch. Oh ya, the other thing I was doing with my eyes closed was pray. 'Please, dear Lord, do not let the drill get out of control and drill right through the roof of my mouth into my nose.'

So yesterday was the root canal treatment ( I think) I have to go back for several more visits for the ascending to the throne ( crowning lah) If I have my way, I would want for a general anaesthesia. Go to sleep and wake up with everything done. 

My mouth smell and tastes like a dental clinic. I have been very careful with food, taking softer stuff especially porridge and I DON'T like porridge. On the brighter side, perhaps I will loose some weight. 

Reader Comments (4)

ahhh, my poor poor friend. you have my deepest, sincerest sympathy. to have toothache is dreadful, to have to be inflicted to the dentist just when you are feeling your most awful, adds insult to injury. not to mention you must pay for this priviledge.
accept my (gentle) one-armed hug xxxcxxxx!
be brave, be corageous - plan revenge!
December 10, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAunty Julie
ya teacher, since it is so painful, that's why you blogged. you poor thing.. hugz. want me to come over to cook porridge next week?
December 11, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn
hi katy... nice blog... but OUCH to the first blog i've read of yours. Hope it's better now. Say hi to Alison! :)
December 11, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAlice C
Hey, Alice. Nice of you to drop by. Welcome! Welcome!
December 15, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty

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