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What's your 'miracle cure-all'?

One morning, some time last week, on my way out to work, I saw my neighbour squirting WD40 onto his motorcycle. It got me thinking, many people regard WD40 as the mother of all lubricants. We squirt it on rusty padlocks, squeaky hinges, rails of sliding doors and windows which does not slide well. Sometimes, I even wish I can squirt it on my creaky joints.

What's your miracle cure-all? When I was younger, my grandmother will recommend 'fung yao' (Chinese medicated oil) for almost anything. It's great for stomachache. If you have a headache or migraine, dab a little onto your temple.  If you have a sore throat, swallow a few drops. Although my grandmother and aunt swore it works, I have never tried that. I didn't want to die of 'fung yao' poisoning.

When David was younger, he thinks 'camamine' will make anything better. He used to suffer from skin allergies and we used calamine to calm the itchiness. Pretty soon, whenever anything upsets him, if we apply a little 'camamine' on him, it's all better.  For Alison, it's plaster.  From a teary child, as soon as the plaster is applied, smiles break out. It's also the same for many children. That's why I keep a box of very nice cartoon plasters in the dance studio for any occasions.

I had a maid who swears by Panadol. She popped them like sweets. We got so worried we had to ask the doctor to prescribe something similar but of a very low dosage for her.  Those few years, we never kept Panadol in the house. All existing ones were in my handbag. We did not want the maid to die of an overdose.

As always, I am most fascinated with children's 'miracle cure-alls'. Did you know that a kiss cures almost anything? If a child falls, kiss his knee and make it better. If a book drops on her little finger, kiss it and the pain is immediately gone. If she suffers the biggest disappointment of her little life by missing her favourite Barney movie on TV, a huge hug and kiss will make it all better. Actually, perhaps, a more potent 'miracle cure-all' than a kiss might probably be ice-cream. The exquisite look on their little faces as they enjoy the ice-cream is priceless. Therefore, my 'miracle cure-all' for a dreary day will probably be to watch a child devour an ice-cream. The child will, preferably, not be mine and hence will not need to clean up the mess which inevitably will happen after such a session New idea.

What's YOUR 'miracle cure-all'?

Reader Comments (2)

"camamine"? It's calamine, dear. That reminds me that I need a bottle too for my itching skin. David, don't worry, it works!!
My present cure-it-all is a hug (not the type that Shannon aka Shrek, gives me!)
Any takers, or is it givers? (with the exception of Shannon)
March 17, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjon(ng)
My cure-all yesterday was a 'kopi-o-ping' (iced coffee). It was such a hot day. I had been walking everywhere. My car was at the workshop after a little accident on Tuesday. At about 8PM, my 4th hour into teaching, and after bottles of water and an afternoon 'kopi-o-ping', I was dying for another one. In popped a real pal with a packet of the 'cure-all'. Thanks Jon!
March 18, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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