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Form B

It was closing date for Form B on Friday. I have yet to collect all of them from various collection centres but when I do, there will be tons of music to wade through. Yup, have to go through all the music sent in for the choice variation to make sure they comply with the time limit. FYI, 1st variation is selected from the compulsory list for Category 1 & 2. For Category 3, they have to to use a set piece of music from the list provided.
But for the 2nd variation, it's a choice. Most of the time, competitors choose to display their versatility with neo-classical pieces.  For the past 2 years, i have encouraged my older students to choreograph their 2nd pieces themselves. I, of course, go through the dance with them, tweaking and refining the details. I find this to be very effective because it gives them a sense of ownership to the whole thing. They also know what they are comfortable with and what they do not wish to do. Being the nice girls as they are, they do take my comments seriously, changing if there's a need so that they shine in their best. It also heightens their excitement, to be able to show off their own choreography to an audience. They get to choose the music, making that even better because I hardly think anybody in their right mind would choose to use a piece of music they absolutely cannot relate to.
Girls, we are sort of in the middle of our race (the competition seems so far away and yet not quite) It's so easy to fall into a state of 'limbo' now. It seems that no matter how hard you try, you hit a brick wall and feel as if you can't go any further. Hang in there, a little more persistence and there WILL be a hole in the wall and you will see the other side.

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