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Books galore

This afternoon, I died and went to book heaven. We checked out the new Borders in Times Square. Although, I suspect they are not fully stocked up yet and also a little chaotic, there were lots of lovely browses.

I noticed that cookbooks were practically in every nook and corner. Does that reflect on the Malaysian way of life? Eating? Their DVDs were not very extensive. Kelvin, my regular DVD vendor is much better.  Their children's section is very nice too. A pity I do not have young children.

I had a hard time locating the dance section. Even their employees did not know where it was. After a lengthy search by this helpful fella, we finally found it, under the Music section.

I had to make some very difficult decisions. After all, I can't very well buy heaps of dance books and kill myself next month when the credit card bill comes, can I?

I also picked up some Angelina Ballerina books. They will be useful during my Pre-Primary classes. Besides, they are lovely for 'keepers' too.

The damage came up to more than RM300............................trying not to think of next month....................

PostScript (added on 23rd April 2005)
I used one of the Angelina Ballerina activity books in my Pre-Primary class today. It was a great hit.
Gives me a reason to get some more Fun pushing.

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