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My brother, Richard gave my Pa a new computer for his birthday, complete with printer, camera, the whole works ( Richard and I concluded that Papa has the most advanced system in the family now) . David helped to fix it up and he was drooling over 'Gong Gong's (grandpa's) new system.

At 69, I am so proud of him, wanting to venture into the Great Unknown.  I got Patrick in to help him set up broadband. Yup! Pa's got broadband! The next day, Pa asked me how come he could not get into a certain website. We then discovered that he did not click on the "Connect To Internet" icon New idea.

But I am sure he  will improve in time. He has already bought 2 books to study. Windows XP, beginner's guide in Chinese and another on how to use the Chinese Star program.

Go  Pa! I only hope I will still want to learn new 'tricks' at 69.

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So proud of the Phongs
April 26, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterFarawaycheese

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