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Mutter, mutter...................

Why can't people  understand "not more than 2.30minutes " is NOT MORE than 2.30minutes?
Why don't people read "Rules and Regulations" and follow them?
Why is it so difficult to follow  little instructions?

These are the questions I have been asking myself for the past few days.  Wan Tze and I waded through the Form Bs, the accompanying CDs and tapes, yes tapes and some of very inferior quality.  We found that almost a third of them were over the time limit!

Come on, you guys! If we are going to work our way towards competing on international levels, we have to buck up.  After so many years of coordinating the annual competition and being a real bitch to many people, just so that things can be done and event runs smoothly, I still have to plod on.

I am basically a very nice person ( anybody who begs to differ will get a plonk on the head). But these annual competitions  make the 'alter-ego' in me manifests itself.  I could literally hear nervousness in some of their voices over the phone when I have to call them up. " Yyyess, Ms Cheong. I,er, am sssorry. " or something to that effect.

I am looking forward to the day when all entries return without a single hitch, forms  filled up correctly, CDs all edited to the required time and most important, everything submitted ON TIME!

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