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Dad's Birthday

It was Dad's birthday last Friday. Yup! On April Fool's day. And almost ( not every) on all his birthdays he will relate this story to us. Here's how it goes;

In his younger days when he was working in Singapore, it's customary for colleagues to treat the others on their birthday. So when it was Dad's turn, he asked his friends to dinner at 7.30pm on 1st April. Needless to say, nobody turned up. They thought he was joking.

We did not manage to celebrate his birthday till Sunday evening. He couldn't be happier. He now has 5 grandchildren with one more on the way. My sister-in-law asked me how old is he. "69", I replied.
When she asked me how old is's 36! She always want to remain 36.

Dad & Mum  Mum_Dad.jpg
We celebrated the occasion at a seafood restaurant. I did not touch the prawns nor crabs. I had been suffering from a food allergy for the past week. I broke out in hives, was swollen and itched everywhere ( still am). I do not know what caused it but I am not about to take a risk by chowing down on seafood.

Jason's Mess                       J's_mess_.jpg
Jason had a fantastic time though. He made such a mess from attacking his crabs that his mum and I agreed it looked like a scene from CSI. Adam kept us entertained with his tuneless singing. Next Malaysian Idol in the making? He will definitely croon his soon-to-be baby brother, Joshua to sleep.

Pictures? Of course there are tons of pictures. But David is downloading something, making the uploading impossibly slow. Therefore, you'll have to come back another time to view them. As for me, it's time I make it to bed. The antihistamine is kicking in.


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Wished I was there.
April 25, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterfarawaycheese

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