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9th Solo Classical Ballet Competition

For many years now, I have been organizing the Solo Competitions. This year, I have decided to log the event.  This will both retain my own sanity (when the heat gets hotter) and perhaps, a long while after it's finished, I can look back and think, "hey, it was ok"
February 4, 2005
All competition notices have been sent out. All 850 (more or less) of them. Many of my students helped to fold them. And I spent many nights, labeling and stamping. Thanks girls. The postboxes in and around my area were stuffed to the brim!
But even before the notices were sent out, there have been calls enquiring about this year's competition. Every year, we see an increase in the number of competitors and I am sure this year will be no different. I also notice that the technical level and overall dance quality gets better each year. The competition provides a platform for young Malaysian dancers to compete. Most of the time, the prizes were just extras. Many of them join the competition because they love the challenge/ wanted the excitement/ wants that extra push that the competition gives to improve themselves.
A little pep talk I gave my own students with regard to the competition. I told them that the competition is just a stepping-stone to something bigger. It's a process to a better dancer. It's not the ultimate goal. Whether they win or lose, they would have progressed.

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