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The Day Draws Near

The girls at DanceArt have been practising really hard. I have not been able to devote as much time to them as I wish this year. They practised so hard that one has to withdraw due to injury and another plod on despite her injury. Rest and treatment was stressed upon by your truly, but of course, they fall on deaf ears.

The costumes were a huge headache this year. One of the girls' tutu was botched up by the tailor - I refuse to elaborate because the whole matter is just too disgusting. So we had to do some swapping around so that everybody gets something to wear.

On the bigger picture, things are running smoothly. No unexpected strange events, at least not yet. All those hard work on previous years are paying off for me. Things are more organised. Timelines and schedules are adherred to.

Another 2 weeks to go...................................................

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