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Finals ~ Is there life after this?

Sunday, 12 June 2005.
Tired contestants dragged themselves in early in the morning to rehearse their 2nd variation. Out of 71 yesterday, 41 were eliminated. The remaining 30 will have another long day ahead of them.

There were minor hiccups during the rehearsals. Some competitors chose to submit cassettes for their choice variation and they were of very poor quality. Since she  did not have a backup copy, this  poor girl had to compete with that one. (Rule: Always have a backup copy of music. I always do, be it competition or performance)

The excitement was electrifying. The TV crew came and interviewed some of the competitors and it was on the Monday night news (according to David, who managed to catch it) Elsewhere, backstage, we find contestants practising their pirouettes, grand jetes endangering others (ME) who were rushing from one place to another. Some were warming up on the makeshift barre along the banister on the balcony.

In the changing rooms, we find competitors being made up by their teachers, parents and other students. The smell of hairspray was overpowering. In the 2nd variation, various experiments on hairstyles were tried upon.
This year, I did not need to hold back any excited dancers raring to get onstage right after the previous person finish. I was previously  contemplating getting a shepherd's crook to hold them back. Despite the cool and calm appearance, most of them had icy cold hands. I do not blame them. It is quite unnerving to walk onto an empty stage to perform a solo classical variation to an audience in a darkened auditorium. The bright lights blinds one momentarily, and it feels as if one is dancing in outer space.  So I must say here to all competitors, Congratulations!

The results? I shall be biased, since this is MY blog and I will only mention MY girls. Sunitha got a Consolation prize despite the fact that she has a knee injury. Bee Hong got 3rd placing in Category 2. Pei Wun, although did not get any special prizes did very well because the competition in Category 3 was very tough this year. Even though June and Abigail did not get into the finals, I have no doubt they have learnt a lot from this experience.

Girls, as I have said before in the very beginning, when we started our training, the purpose of entering the competition is to improve oneself. If after joining the competition, you have improved or learnt something that you did not know before, then the goal is accomplished.

Now that it's all over with the files packed away, is there life after this? The answer is most definitely YES! I caught up on my sleep. I am slowly turning my house back into my home again instead of it being The Dance Society of Malaysia's office. I can now focus on the upcoming Majors examinations. I can now devote a little bit more time to my little nephews who's mother is sick. I will visit my little god-girl, Kirsten,  a little more to have marathon singing sessions with her. I will HAVE TO watch Star Wars 3. I will have to get some new GameBoy SP games ( I have played most of mine at least 2-3 times now). I will re-organise my DVD collection. I will re-stock my refrigerator which looks like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard at the moment. I will devote a lot more time to Alison who is sitting for her PMR later this year......................................... So many I WILLS, I better get on with it.

PS: Will upload competition pictures in the "Snaps" soon.

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