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A day in my life

It was 8.20PM. I had just wrapped up Ju's present. ( his birthday today, actually yesterday, since it's already 1.52AM) I have not had my dinner and I am due for drama practice in 10 minutes. I was trying to scribble some witty, inspirational words onto a card when Andrew asked me if I had looked for the cheque buds. I couldn't answer because I was still trying to scribble the card. He, then, in a huff said something like, "point me toward thereabouts of the buds..........." I FLIPPED! Matrix. Whatever witty or inspirational that was in me half a sec ago went whoosh! I made a mistake in the card which made me do a double FLIP.

I finished writing, trying to salvage whatever I could because I wanted to use the card with the giraffe on it. ( Sorry Ju) then proceeded to tell Andrew in a very dangerous tone, " I don't think you want to know what my today was like.Ask David if I had stopped for a moment at all" Now,  people who are married for 20 years will have radar which is highly sensitive to danger level and he wisely did not ask.

My day began early with Wookie yelping away in his cage. He has pooed. So David and I proceeded to clean him and his cage too. Then I went to the market. I dread going to the market because I dread the sorting out when I get back. I prefer to sort and clean everything before putting them away into the fridge. I think this habit was derived from years of living with mum. No, not because she does that but because she does NOT. Her fridge is always stacked to the brim, with all sorts of stuff, stuffed in it. Once my sister and I decided to help her clean it out and we found strange moldy specimens that perhaps even Grissom will not be able to identify. So, all of us do not want to be like mum and therefore we try to keep our fridges very neat and tidy.

When I finished with the sorting out, it was time for lunch. I had missed out breakfast. So David and I went out for a bite and 'tar paued' for Alison. We came back to get Wookie, went to pick Ali up from school, dropped her home and proceeded to PJ. The guys at the pet shop was going to show us how to bathe him and keep him clean. The whole trip was about 3 hours.

When I got back, I began to prepare dinner, very quickly, because I have a replacement  Advanced class at 5.30PM and it was already 4.30PM. A quick shower and I flew off to the studio. When I got back a little after 7PM, I continued Part 2 of dinner preparation. The present wrapping and the card scribbling came not long after that and so did the "did you look for the cheque buds..............."

Tuesday is supposed to be my 'day off'. But I think there's no such thing as a 'day off' when there's only 24 hours in a day. The supposedly 'day off' is the day to catch up on the things which the rest of the 24-hours 'on' days cannot finish.

Do I hear some of you saying ,"Nah, you love it. You love the life of running around packing 25 hours into a 24-hour day." And I will tell you, I would like to have, occasionally a day with absolutely nothing to do with absolutely nothing pending. Yes, I would love that.

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    Response: Not One, But Two!
    Thanks also to dearest Katy who must certainly be the mastermind behind my second brithday cake of the day (with all her recent competition organising skills coming into play here :P) ...

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i like the 3 martial arts looking emoticon.. soo cute!! hehe =)... & Wookie sounds adorable...
June 24, 2005 | Unregistered Commentersueann

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