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Chin2, my LifeGroup Leader has suggested that we have a durian party on Friday night.

Durians, ahhhhhhh, one either loves them or hates them. However, strangely enough, Andrew and I are quite the rare breed of fence-sitters where durians are concerned. There have been instances where we got into the car late at night to get to a durian stall and have a munch. But most of the time, we don't miss it.

Somebody once told me that she has to eat durians everyday. Such intensity was her craving for it. She also told me that she does not like the smell on her hands and so she eats them with chopsticks. Can you imagine the sight of her eating durians with chopsticks?

When I was younger ( very, very much younger) my parents used to buy durians by the basket load. These baskets were not small, mind you. It's one of those where vegetable farmers in Cameron Highlands uses to transport their greens. After dinner, mum and my aunt will drive down to Chow Kit Road ( now Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, I think) and come back with the basket. We even have special durian opener, some bamboo thingy that mum uses to break open the fruit. We will then 'attack' the basket load. Most of the time, we will finish the whole lot. After that, grandmother will insist that we drink salt water placed in the durian skin. That is supposed to be 'cooling'. Durians are supposed to be 'heaty' and if we don't drink salt water like that, we were going to end up with sore throats.  Maybe it works, we never had sore throats after a durian binge.

I recall an incident related to me by my sister, Jasmine in Toronto. She told me that a whole building was evcuated because of durians. Someone smuggled fresh durians into the building. The pungent smell of durian is not too unlike the smell of gas. So they thought that there was a gas leak. The building was evacuated and the fire department was called in. Must have been quite a funny sight -  beefy firemen with gas masks walking out of the building carrying a few thorny fruits. A similar incident happened last Friday at cellgroup. I was at Johnston's place when I smelled gas and told Johnston to check. It turned out that his maid took out a container filled with durians from the fridge.

Ju and Sween Meng had some durians last night. I declined, not feeling 'durian-ish'. Kirsten, my god-girl seemed to love it. I enjoyed the look of delight on her face whilst she licked on the flesh. According the Meng, Meg, Kirsten's older 8 year old sister wrote an article on durians, it being the King of fruits. King over ......... a whole long list of fruits that she could think of.

So, Friday....................... Durian Party.................................... will I feel durian-ish then?

Reader Comments (4)

Goodness Gracious Me! Are you fellas having a Friday the 13th PArty! It's bad enough for me to look at durians! EAT THEM! God forbid! Shoo! Shoo! Don't come near! Don't burb! Don't even breathe! I detected gas! plenty of gas! Just don't light the gas-stove when you fart, ok? We don't want an incident!
I can't imagine them coming up with a durian perfume!
Great for du-rian lovers out there. Maybe I should do that and make a killing in the south-east asia market!
June 29, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjon-ng
You mean you DON'T eat durians? Don't ever? Mmmmmmmm, interesting.
June 29, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty
Why ppl want to gorge themselves in this 'liu-lian', I don't understand. Some-more a friend of mine will down a bottle of Coke after feasting on the 'god-knows-what' 'god-forsaken' fruit! Can you imagine the result?! Yes, I ate it when I was young, many, many years ago. That was then, but now, no way! I will only eat it in one 'form' - durian ice-cream, and I know that the coffee house at Mikasa Hotel (Jalan Tun Razak) serves an authentic durian ice-cream (made by their non-Asian chef!!) But I am not too sure whether he is still there.
PS/ FYI, I am usually the un-official durian opener! The screw-driver being the weapon of my choice! hahahahaha! (bring them on, baby!)
June 29, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjon-ng
My durians were very the yummy, thank you...
June 30, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian

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