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The Rascal

For the last 10 days, my life has been turned totally upside-down. In fact, the whole Cheong household activities have been  revamped to revolve around  Wookie. 

We had to keep doors closed so that he does not get out. For a little mite, he is very resourceful. Last Saturday, he managed to open the sliding door to the toilet, poo-ed but got trapped and could not get out. In his excitement, he trampled all over the poo and had to take his 3rd bath in a week! ( dogs normally take a maximum of 2 baths a week or so I have been told to do)

We are still in the process of toilet-training him and therefore, it's altogether a very messy business. I have always been very particular about cleanliness of the floor. The rascal seemed to think it's challenging to divide his pee to cover as much ground as possible. We have to tackle each 'pond-let' of pee with 1. sponging it up 2. rinsing the sponge 3. squeege the sponge in Dettol solution 4. wipe the spot 5. spray with Lysol.

Why so troublesome? Well, I am trying to get rid of the smell so that he does not go back to the same place. But then, he will always find a new spot. Rolled up newspaper smacking? Been there. Use special housebreaking aid? Done that. Patience? Wearing thin but we are all hanging in there.

He's a smart little fella. He does not soil his little cage. That's where he sleeps, plays with his little ball or chew toy and that's where we put his bottle of water too.

About half an hour ago, I kept him company at his 'toilet' but all he does was chew up the newspapers we placed there. Then he promptly ran off and pee-ed elsewhere. When I exclaimed "Aiyah!", he ran under the sofa. All I could see was his little button nose. So he knows what's coming next - the rolled up paper smacking. So my question is, if he can understand smacking follows from such incident and treats comes after doing it at his 'toilet', why won't he do it? Any puppy owners out there to tell me? Advice me?

Ok, ok, apart from the poos and pees, he's been a joy. He will sit there patiently watching me prepare a meal. Alison said that perhaps he intend to be a cook one day. He will use our feet as pillows when we watch TV. When he grows up, I think he will be a very movie savvy dog. Perhaps, one day he might even learn how to use the remote.

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Here's another lady in a similar situation:

Just to make you fell better, you see... :P
June 30, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
your cure to your doggy problems... Nintendogs :

2 added benefits...
One, it stays a puppy forever,
Two, one time cost only.

hey they act like the real thing too... check here :
July 1, 2005 | Unregistered Commenteredwin74

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