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Rats, rodents, tikus, loh shee.............however you may want to call them, they mean the same thing to me. RATS! = YUCKS!

Now what is it that I do not like about rats? Besides the fact that they are pests and dirty and so on. I thought about it long and hard a while back. And I came to the conclusion it's the tail. It's the rubbery, ropey disgusting tail. I have had hamsters before and I love them. I can handle them with no problems. But when it comes to rats or even mice, white or otherwise, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME!

Poh Lynn was telling us an incident on how her aunt tried to dispose of a rat only to be swooped up in half a sec but an alley cat. Wow! National Geographic right on her backyard.

A while back, I was plagued with rat problems too. I used to have a 4-ring oven gas cooker. There is this empty space below the oven, for ventilation, I believe. I suspect the whole neighbourhood of rats decided that it's THE place to live in. They stank, their droppings were all over the place. No amount of cleaning can get rid of them. I then used poison. The poison disappeared but droppings continued. That can only mean that it's still alive! Could it be Super Rat? Some sort of relation to erm, Mighty Mouse?

We then used a trap. We got it! The trap was left outside on the road for the sun to finish up the business in transforming it into rat jerkin. Then it was given the 'Boromir' sendoff.

But the droppings STILL continued! Could it have somehow come back to life and decided to haunt the Cheong household? Or perhaps, just before it died, it rang up all its relations in the neighbourhood telling them, " Avenge my death!!!!"

Enough is enough!. If they love the cooker so much, I don't want it anymore. I got Andrew and David to drag it outside. I can do without an oven. I will just not bake. Even with the rat infested cooker I won't be baking either. It's just too gross.  Within a day, someone picked it up. (well, good luck to whomever. I wonder if they are having rat problems now)

Ming, my sister walked into the kitchen a few weeks later and remarked, "Mmmmmmmmmm" .
"What? No smell?", I asked.
"None whatsoever! Good job"
Mum does not know that I have thrown away a perfectly good cooker which is in working order. And if I have my way, she will never.

No RATS! blog is ever complete if I don't write about the Skulking Rat. About 3 years ago, I had a slipped disc. Orders from the chiropractor was to lie down flat on the floor. I obediently did that, with the family, while watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I think. Or was it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Anyway, Ali let out a screech, "RAT!" I, from a horizontal position on the floor took a flying leap (literally) onto a chair. One must remember I was suffering from a slipped disc at that moment and to execute such a move, it had to be a surge of andreneline ( the animal instinct of fight or flight. In this case, it's flight)

The rat, dashed across the living room and ran behind the TV cabinet. I pleaded and begged Andrew to do something about it. His answer was, "Leave it alone lah. It has the right to be in this world also what"
To which I replied, "Yes, but NOT in my house!"
He still refused. To cut the long story short, the calamity settled and we went on with the movie. About 15 minutes later, Andrew and I saw the most comical sight. It was Rat, quietly and slowly creeping on almost tippy toes out from under the aquarium toward the front door. It looked like something straight out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Maybe that's where the cartoonists get their inspiration from.

For the moment, the Cheong household is declared 'rat-free' and if I have my way, it'll stay that way.

Reader Comments (3)

hey! that's where real pet's come in handy... they chase away intruders... big and small.. :)

one up for Wookie!... yay!
July 1, 2005 | Unregistered Commenteredwin74
You have Wookie now, just gotta train him to poo and pee at the right spot..
July 2, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn
Easier said than done. Why don't you come over and try? Tomorrow, it's 'Operation Clorox' . Whole family mobilised. Intend to put Clorox, neat (not diluted lah) all over the house to kill his scent. More updates on whether it works or not.
July 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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