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The Full Dress Rehearsal

This evening, the girls at DanceArt had their full dress rehearsal. The makeup tryout took forever and we began actual rehearsal nearly an hour past our scheduled time. But it was worth it. They now know exactly what was needed and time spent on actual day will be a lot less.

Here's a few pictures, hot from the rehearsal.
beehong.jpgThis is Bee Hong in her final pose of her choice variation "Expose". Bee Hong have been my student since she was 3. In less than a month's time, she is going into NS ( National Service ) It will be interesting to see how tan her lily white complexion can become.


From L to R, Abigail, Sunitha, Bee Hong, Pei Wun and June.
The girls are shown here in their 1st variation costumes. Apart from Abigail, who is a newbie in competitions, the others look forward to that adrenaline rush from the annual competitions.


In the wild, monkeys spend endless hours grooming  each other. In the cultured environment of the ballet world, it's no different. The 3 monkeys here were taken in the process of changing their hairstyle from the compulsory  to the choice variation.

Now we are all set for the coming weekend. My last piece of advice to these 5 gorgeous girls (and they ARE gorgeous), I am extremely proud of all of you.  A few moments on stage comes with a high price. The endless hours of practices, running around getting costumes, accessories and sewing sequins. Yes, especially the sewing sequins bit. But you did well. Whatever the outcome of the competition this weekend may be, you girls are winners to me. You have rose to the challenge, to improve yourself to tackle a difficult solo variation.

I may have bullied, yelled and even shoot 'fire' from my eyes at you, but you all took it in stride, believing that I would not have done it if I don't love you. So God Bless you.

Reader Comments (2)

Wow! I like the costumes!....too bad i won't be able to see you gals perform :(
Anyway...All Da Best to Abigail, Bee Hong, Sunitha, June & Pei Wun! Njoy yourself & Hav lots of FUN! :)
Remember to smile...... like this -> :)

Luv ya all & God Bless...MuaxXXX :P
June 7, 2005 | Unregistered Commenteryivonne
wah....teacher... beehong's dress realli look nice..but of coz lah real peepel is nicer than pics...just saying it was a nice shot

n peepel!!!i wanna make a few things clear!!im not tat fat....i just look fat in red..tats all ;)

n again i wanna say beehong's hair is cool..n thank u teacher, for teaching n guiding us....
June 15, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterPei Wun

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