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Jasmine & Justin

from left to right- Steven, me, Alison, Andrew, Richard, Michelle, Hock Keat(Michelle's husband holding on to Power Ranger's bike), David (with the cap), Jasmine and Justin.
seated- Mum, Dad, Aunty with Ben and Jason standing beside them.

My sister, Jasmine came back for a visit from Barrie, Canada after 7 years. Justin, her husband came along too for a holiday and to meet The Family for the 1st time.

The were married last year on 1st June. We could not attend the wedding in person but I did witness it online. I sat in front of my computer, bawling like a baby, happy for my sister and sad that I cannot be there.

Justin, I strangely suspect, must think he married a member of the Addams family. Not in the ghoulish sense but in the weird sense. Us sisters, when we get together, talk 19 to a dozen and on top of our voices, each trying to drown the other to be heard. Our brothers, Richard and Steven are more civilized. They occasionally inject a sarcastic remark or two.

yamcha_small.jpgMum and Dad insisted on the traditional tea ceremony with a twist. It was done casual. Jasmine had Justin saying, " Mum, yam cha" ( Mum, drink tea)

icecreamcake_small.jpg We also celebrated Jason's birthday. The Power Ranger's bike is a gift from Tai Yee(me) and Sai Yee(Jasmine) We had the most scrumptious ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins but everybody was so full it took so much effort to consume. Nevertheless, waste not want not, we did it.
Each of the kids had a cone, even Joshua who's too young to enjoy it. I am not sure who enjoyed it for him.

Although, they are back for just a few days, we managed to do a lot of catching up. We also had a lovely meal at my house on the Monday night. Cheng Yoon, a very old friend of the family came along with her husband, Vincent. We had a very strange meal of chicken curry, mee hoon and naan. Cheng Yoon brought the sweetest tiramisu I've every tasted in my life. I seemed to describe the food in greatest detail but the important thing was we caught up. Wookie was also the centre of everybody's attention. He decided to show the better side of himself by pooing and peeing on the training paper. Talk about showing off!

Jasmine and Justin will be going back to Canada in a few days. I shall miss them but Internet has bridged the distance tremendously. Even before she came home, we have been chatting often online and hence it's as if she's not far away. We also text each other often. Thank God for technology. I suspect it will be quite a while before they will make a trip home again but there's always visiting and Andrew DID mention to Justin, next time we catch up on your turf............... Fun pushing.

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Ar Huh... did I hear a visit to Canada?
August 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJasmine
Don't hold your breath
August 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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