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Sunday Matinee

Over the weekend, I went to 2 different performance ( very cultured-like) One of them is Titiwangsa in Istana Budaya and the other is Jalan Impian in KLPac. But here I would like to talk about Jalan Impian

I went to the matinee with Alison, Eugenia and Mandy. Alia who was appearing in the musical is in the Grade 5 class with Eugenia and Mandy. It is always a joy to bring children to performances. Their anticipation and heightened excitement is so infectious.

KLPac.jpg I picked Eugenia and Mandy in front of the studio. Then we bundled up in my little Matrix and proceeded to KLPac. We had a bit of time and managed to snap a shot just outside the building. My previous visit was at night so I did not get to admire the building. My husband told me that they built this Centre on an existing old KTM building. (KTM is Keretapi Tanah Melayu) So it was a nice mixture of old and new.

We sat in the middle of the auditorium, very nice seat indeed, thanks to Halina, Alia's mum, who got booked the tickets for us. Eugenia sat next to me. Like all kids, she will make remarks in too loud a tone and I have to shush her. She was always on the lookout for her friend, Alia.

I believe this is really what it's all about. These kids come to me for training and they go on to use it. Be it on stage as a dancer or even an actor, or on TV or even using their skills to help others in production. What good are these skills if it is only confined to the classroom?

Jalan Impian, in my opinion was entertaining. It was such a good effort of the production. The kids looked comfortable on stage. There were no awkwardness nor self-consciousness. But then, the Sunday matinee was the 2nd last performance and they were at it for 3 sessions on the past 2 days and I suppose any awkwardness would have been  ironed out by then.

It had a bit of everything for everybody. Bit of jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet and even break dancing. They also had singing numbers and of course the drama bits. They had a bit of comedy and also managed to squeeze in a moral issue or two. They had actually categorised it under children's musical but was essentially a young people musical. The teenagers were the ones carrying the storyline. But, really who cares about the label as long as one enjoyed it. Woe to those who thought this was a kiddie children musical and didn't go. You guys missed a really entertaining show.

I really did enjoy taking Mandy and Eugenia to the performance. On the way back, I realised something I have begun to take  another batch of students to performances. It's always a joy to enrich their lives and to also let them see for themselves the unlimited possibilities of what they have learnt in the classroom.

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