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7 Hours Non-Stop

Today is the 3rd Saturday whereby I taught for 7 hours non-stop. It has been quite a few years now since I have done that and it takes some getting used to.

My 1st Saturday  was probably the worst. On my 3rd to 4th hour, I thought I just cannot go on, but by my 5th, I got my 2nd wind and was ready to go for another few.

It does not help when the classes with the little ones are in the middle of the day, sort of like on my lowest ebb. They requires ALL my energy. I totally believes that a teacher should have have the highest energy level to motivate and keep her students excited to want to learn and dance even better.
cropped pri samll.jpg<- This is Marsilla, Ming Hui and Allysha. They are in the Grade One class in my mid-Saturday Non-Stop. This was taken just before their Primary exam in May.

I can remember how I could teach from 8AM till 9.15PM with only 15minutes break when I taught in Seremban some 16 years ago. But then, I was 16 years younger then. I was even pregnant with Alison then. Ahhhhh, YOUTH! I remember teaching Advanced students, dancing along with them, doing pirouettes, with Alison following a little behind ( meaning, I turn, tummy sort of follows)

These 7 hours non-stop Saturday sessions are getting easier by the week. I am sure, pretty soon, I may be able squeeze in another class or two. If only I can find a way to grab a quick bite some time in the day and I will be really fine.

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