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ISCA / YA Concert

I went to an ISCA / YA concert last night. Hui Min greeted me at the door with a glint in her eye, saying, "Welcome to the YOUTH concert". Ya ya ya, I know, I am WAY past youth. Even if they put a bag over my face, I  cannot pass for a youth. It's the out-of-shape body that will give it away.

They opened the concert with a few ice-breaker games. My Alison was so smart. She won a CD playing the 'wrong answer' game.  All I can say is, I wouldn't have made it.

The concert proper began with the countdown and the dancers came on. They did a great job but unfortunately there were hitches with the lighting. I did not get the strobe that I wanted. The lights did not come on till one chorus was over. Nonetheless, they coped well and continued to dance in darkness ( like so professional)

The band and the singers are all 'home-grown' ( our church girls and boys) Well, so are our dancers. And I must say, they are a talented bunch. (There speaks the proud 'aunty') I think in time to come, they may even be better. I am actually looking forward to more of their concerts. Our Drama Team presented a mime entitled "Measuring Up". It gavae us a very true picture of how sometimes we feel or be made to feel how inferior we are and we always don't seem to make the mark. It may be so with men but with God, whatever we have or whatever we achieved does not matter. Only WE matter. Poh Lynn took the lead role as the 'never able to measure up' girl. She was perfect for the role, being able to put on the really 2-sen look. Ben ( the dog meat fella) was the trouble-maker in one of the scenes and he did it very well. Chun Hoo was absolutely hilarious as the 'Lau Foo Tze (Master Q) wannabe. Good job, Drama Team.

Throughout the concert, I was stuck behind the video switcher with Edwin. I am his 'sort of communicator'. We have a very effective way of communication between video director and camera crew.  Video director tells me what he wants and I make my way over to cameramen, stumbling over peoples' feet, stooping low so that I don't block other's view. Very 'previous century' method but very effective. Message do not get scrambled.

Well, for an 'aunty' way past youth, I managed to thoroughly enjoy myself, even jumping with the crowd. I hope this is not a sign of going into a recessive mode (a.k.a 2nd childhood ) I am way too young to be so old.

P.S If you want pictures, I did not bring my camera along ( rushed out to get to the hall and forgot ) But Julian was all over the show, clicking away. I am sure he'll put something up and I'll provide a link when he does :p

Reader Comments (3)

"Julian was all over the show": that's mainly bcoz me so big & obviously, erm... obvious

Ands, sorry to disappoint, but the camera belongs to church (and therefore so do the piccies...) We'll all have to wait for the official channels to put up something... :P
July 24, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
Shucks! Guess I'll have to look elsewhere.
July 24, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty
Cute Huimin! hahaahaha 2-sen face? LOL. and Ben-the dog meat fella?? LOL.

Well done everybody. Proud of you guys. Friends from other churches can't stop praising you guys. Committed and talented. Praise God!
July 26, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterpohlynn

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