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Cheong's 1st LifeGroup Hosting

On Friday, we opened up our house for LifeGroup meeting for the 1st time. Needless to say, we were pretty excited about it. We have more than 20 people in the group, including the children and maids. Our main worry is space.

My house is not very big. No, not very big is an understatement. It's downright small. Definitely too small for such a big group. During the adult cell lessons, the children have their own little group activity. The IGC teacher for Friday, unfortunately, made a bad choice of bringing Uno Stacko for the kids to play. Uno Stacko is a noisy game and having it played in the same hall during the cell lesson was way too distracting. Will have to find solution, will have to find solution (mutter, mutter).

Vivian made a scrumptious pot of chicken khurma to go with the naans I bought. There is a place opposite my dance studio that makes really good naan. I especially love their naan kismis ( raisin naan). Unfortunately, recently, every time I order that, " Naan Kismis tak da." ( We don't have naan kismis) So now, I have found a perfect solution. All I do is go to the 7-Eleven nearby, buy a pack of raisins and ask them to do the raisin naan for me :p

That night, for some strange reason, quite a few of us thought duku langsat would be good dessert. We ended up with 4 huge bags full of duku. Duku is not to be mistaken with Count Dooku of the Star Wars.

Poor Wookie was totally frightened out of his wits with the huge number of people on HIS house. For most of the night, he hid under the computer table. No amount of coaxing could get him out to play with Shermine and Clarrise, Johnston and Sheryl's girls. After everybody left, he sat very still with me for a very long time, perhaps reassuring himself that, things are back to normal.

We have about a month to figure out where we are going to park the kids for the next lifegroup meet in my house. And we also have the some amount of time to toughen the 'lion king'.

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