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Bathing Wookie

I gave Wookie his bath this morning. Inevitably, giving him a bath means getting myself all wet too. He is getting really big. Holding him down during his bath is becoming extremely difficult. I use this big laundry pail that I have to bathe him. I find it easier than the shower, although we were taught to shower him.
1.   Boil water. Since he is still a puppy, although a fat one, he still needs warm water.
2.   Take hot water upstairs, mix with cold water .  Boiling him is undesirable.  Squirt some puppy shampoo into big red laundry tub.
3.    Place towel on sink so that one does not have to fumble with a wet puppy and a folded towel later.
4.    Take Wookie upstairs and place him in red tub.
5      Lather him with one hand and use the other to hold him down. I did mention he's getting bigger, right? The flight instinct is very acute at this point of time.
6.   After lathering, take a very sudsy Wookie out, hold him still with one hand and try to empty soapy tub water into toilet bowl with the other. ( sudsy puppy = slippery puppy, soapy tub also = slippery tub)  This scene requires agility, strength and precision. While all these are happening, Wookie shares his suds with me by shaking hard.
7.   Fill tub again with clean water and in goes Wookie again. This process is repeated twice to get all the shampoo out.
8.   Wrap a very wet pup in the towel and take him downstairs for his hair, oops, fur drying process.
9.   The fur-drying process is best done with 3 hands but since God created Man 1st before Wookie, He thought 2 will be enough. Why 3? One to hold the hair-dryer. Another to ruffle the fur to get the ones at the bottom to dry up and Lord, one more to occupy him.
10.   Once he's dry, a good brush to finish the whole thing and he's done.

A few points to note, he usually decides to poo and pee, right after a nice bath. It really irritates me. Perhaps it's all the excitement. Now he's lying at my feet, completely exhausted with the morning's activity. Andrew thinks that if I can bathe him everyday, I will and he's right too. I do enjoy bathing him. Although, I must admit it's the fur-drying bit I enjoy.

Of course, the fact that he's all clean and fluffy after that.
wookie_2aug.jpgThis picture taken right after the bath session. Not 10 seconds later, he pooed.

Don't he look like a Rug upon a rug?
He's all fluff here.rug_upon_a_rug.jpg

Reader Comments (2)

Dogs are like that, always poo n pee right after a bath. i think it is because when we scrub them, we tend to message their bowels too i guess? ... any other reasons?

August 2, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterRica!!
So adorable...
August 3, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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