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Drama in Kitchen....again????

While chatting with Poh Lynn online this afternoon, she left rather hurriedly and switched her status to "Unavailable. Drama In Kitchen" So I patiently waited for a bit, wondering what the drama was all about. She never came back, well, not this afternoon anyway.

Much later, while replying a text message on another matter, she told me she thought kitchen was on fire, with all the smoke coming in from there. Then she found out it was just the HAZE! Yup, it's that bad. So you guys who's not in the country at the moment, you thank God you are not and say a prayer for us here. If you cannot imagine, remember those Sunday afternoons when your neighbour burns up rubbish he has cleared? It smells exactly like that. Technically, I suppose it's still neighbour burning, only it's the whole country's neighbour.

We are all engulfed in smoke and haze. We are choking. Our skins are itching. The eyes are tearing and smarting.
Schools are closed. 2 areas are in a state of emergency. I am now living in a 'dangerous' area.

I cancelled classes for this evening and tomorrow morning. But for the rest of tomorrow and Saturday, who knows. I am reluctant to cancel them because replacing them will be a nightmare. There's just too many classes and too difficult to find time that suits everybody for a replacement. But if situations calls for it tomorrow, one's gotta do what one's gotta do.

My brother left for Brisbane today with baby Joshua ( Hallelujah! At least they don't have to choke) His plane leaves at 10am. He rang me at 1pm from his cell.
"Where are you?"
"Where else. On the plane lah"
"You are using your handphone! Get off it NOW!"
"Why? Dangerous ah?"
"I'm only on the way to airport lah. Plane delayed due to stupid haze"
(Not to self. Don't be so gullible where brothers are concerned)

Well, since they are going to be away, Steven passed me an ioniser. It looks like a Rediffusion box. (For those of you who knows what I am talking about, oops, you are on the other side of the hill.) What does it do? The ioniser lah, not the Rediffusion box. I suppose it ionises. How? I have no idea. What good will it do? Not a clue. But Steven said, plug it in, it'll help with air quality. So like a good girl that I am, I did just that. Anything, absolutely anything should be good enough to try at this point of time.

Not being able to go out, classes cancelled. I suppose I should use this time to catch up on things at home. Clean out my kitchen cabinets, alphabetize my soup cans, clear out unwanted junk and burn them. I can also watch all those DVDs that I bought but never got round to watching them. Or I can just sit and lament on what a crummy situation we are in.

Reader Comments (3)

did u know that on wednesday nite, when Pastor Nancy took over the pulpit after the worship, she flipped to a particular portion of the Bible and read (from Nehemiah, for those of us who were there). After a while, she flipped to another page of the Bible and (believe it or not), she narrowed her eyes and tried to read, but found difficulty doing so, and she commented that she definitely needed to put on reading glasses. I think it's the HAZE! I also have a hard time seeing people in the last few rows. Normally I am ok-one, but the last one week was a real struggle to breathe. At the last service on sunday, I thought I was going to 'pengsan'. I was holding on to the pulpit for dear life.
BTW, how is Wookie coping with the haze, ah?
poor fella, must be in the blurr.
August 12, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan
Wookie's probably the healthiest Cheong in the house. He does not need to go out at all. Whole day in ionised aircond room. So 'tarn'

August 12, 2005 | Registered CommenterKaty
Was just thinking about y'all in that haze. I have some smoke-time advice. Do NOT, under anyh circumstances clean your house. What's the point? It will be covered in smuts (that's little black sooty bits, but then us on this side of the hill remember that...!) and so when the haze has finally cleared, you'll have to do it again :-)
My advice instead? Dunno. Bake something nice and eat it coz no-one can see you!
I know this sounds ironic, but when I burnt the dinner a couple of years ago (I mean REALLY burnt it) the best thing to get rid of the smoke and smell (which took weeks - that's how good a job I did) was to burn candles. Yup - true.

Take care my friends over there - I'll send you some of our good old British summer - that'll put their fires out!
August 13, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJulie

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