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Happy Birthday, KatrynaBallerina

In 5 days time, my blog will be a year old. Yup, I have been blogging for a year. Well, technically, the date for my 1st blog was 31st August 2004. I think I signed up on Squarespace on 25th August. Perhaps it took me 5 days to actually pluck up my courage to do it. My goodness! I was just browsing through my 1st blog. I HAVE come a long way.

I don't fancy dropping my trousers and let everybody see my underwear, as a manner of speaking. Do I want to bare my soul to the whole cyberspace? But then, who actually cares or even bothers ? (excerpt from my 1st blog) Well, I have not dropped my trousers so to speak but I have bared my soul on a few issues. Who cares or bothers? I found out that there are quite a few out there who does

And yes, I have learnt quite a bit since those 'early days. In fact, I have learnt enough to start another blog. WOW ! Well, I may have started it but it’s a sort of joined effort to keep it going. I have began a blog for DanceArt, for all her students, past and present. It will a place to hang out, talk about dance, dance-related and DanceArt related bits and pieces. Pop over if you want, but be warned, you will be drowning in dance stuff and it’ll be hard to swim up for air. Well, not immediately anyway, but hopefully, later on, when it’s in full swing, it will be quite happening.

I think I may be blogging for a while's become part of my life now.

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Happy Blog Birthday :)

I'll take it to be 31 Aug, since that was when you started posting (wah, is public holiday some more...)
August 24, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian

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