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Wookie 3.5KG

wookie3.5kgclose.jpgWookie took his final vaccination this morning. We bathed him, dried him and got him all ready for his monthly visit to the vet. I brought my camera along to take pictures of the event. But when we went into the consultation room, with so much happening, the camera was promptly forgotten.

There were all the usual checks to make sure he's in the pink of health. The fur around the eyes were trimmed. That was such and ordeal, for everybody concerned. This baby is a squirmer. He squirmed, he wriggled, he shooked. He's a regular Elvis in fur. Then we weighed him, the moment of truth. Yup, just as I suspected, he's already 3.5kg!

"Is he over-weight, Doctor?"
"No, he's fine"
Goodness! He is so round and cuddly and he's just plain 'fine'. I wonder what an over-weight Shitzu weighs.

To all you Wookie fans out there, yup, he IS growing. Getting smarter too. He does 'fetch' very well. Only drawback is, it doesn't matter whom throws the ball, he brings it back to ME! Makes me feel kind of privileged and loved but then that's not the rule of the game.         Fetched

He has recently learnt another new, erm not trick, habit. His legs are so short. Whenever he pees, he sometimes have little accidents when he manoeuvres away from the wet patch and steps on it. We recently caught him in the act of wiping his feet on the floor mat in front of the bathroom! He must have seen us do it when we come out from the bathroom. A classic case of monkey see, monkey do. Mmm, let me rephrase, puppy see, puppy do. HE leaves all those little yellowish paw prints are on it. Smart? Well, perhaps but that means I have to clean the mat often. *sigh* 

We placed a towel in his cage, for whenever he feels he needs to withdraw from the world into a place of his own. He has other ideas. Instead of withdrawing, he 'takes'  his place into the world, literally. He drags his towel, a la Linus Van Pelt and his security blanket style, everywhere.

Ever since we got him, we've looked out for Shitzus, pictures or in the flesh and we concluded he's the most adorable. I suppose parents always thinks their children are the most adorable in the entire universe. They could be the most obnoxious, Dennis the Menace in real life or even a wet Gremlin but to their parents, they are absolute angels who's as smart as Einstein, as musical as Beethoven and as graceful as Makarova. So Wookie IS the most adorable little pup I have ever laid eyes on. Oops, he's not so little anymore.

Andrew often asked me if he's worth all those trouble. Sometimes, I hesitate for a bit before I answer  but the answer is always a 'YES'

Reader Comments (3)

He keeps eating like that, he's going to end up looking like me very soon!
August 22, 2005 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
Sam and I were perusing your Wookie oops Family page, and have to agree, he's THE most adorable puppy!
Did he used to be a Panda?
Saffy would like to meet him - to show off her 'shorts'! She had similar 'habbits' and had to have her 'trousers' trimmed for social reasons!
August 23, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterJulie
Ju: He's not eating more these days. In fact, he seems to be on a self-prescribed diet, refusing to eat in the mornings. But doc said, must eat. Still a puppy

Julie:He DOES look like a panda doesn't he? This baby of mine is a scaredy-cat, not offence to Saffy. He'll probably run under the couch and hide till Saffy's gone.
August 23, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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